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I don't believe he mentioned Darby O'Gill either.
You mean like Pope Francis who helped negotiate this breakthrough?
I hear Pope Francis played a big role in the negotiations.
With the exception of people who post regularly here on TH. Their hated for gay people knows no bounds.
Where do you see Facebook and Google pushing for higher taxes for everyone?
I refuted everything you said. As for the Chinese economy now being the largest in the world, with 4 1/4 times the population of the US it is inevitable that China will eventually have a larger economy although overall GDP is still larger in the US with a GDP per capita in the US that is 5 1/2 times that of China's. We will see if S&P ups the US credit rating back to AAA in the coming year. Political impasse caused the downgrade.
THers informed? ROFL
Obama did not take office until 2009. Our economy had fallen off the cliff in 2008.
Looks like MudontheTires (S$$tontheBrains is more like it) is now able to use Mommy's computer. I guess she has gone to bed.
My net worth has more than doubled in the past 6 years. How is yours doing? The US economy today is the envy of the world our stock market continues to outperform every overseas market.
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