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It's an Irish thing. Sorry to hear about your wife. I am sure you can take comfort in the loving time you spent together nd your offspring.
Myself and 8 siblings.
When will my question be answered? Who will be attacked?
Equality is not a right vs left issue. Why do some feel oppressed when courts uphold our constitutional values?
So on Judgement Day I will be greeted by St Peter, Darby and Richard all of whom will sit in judgement of me. Odd, especially as Darby and Richard have no idea how I live my life.
Yes. One of my many siblings is also gay. The others are heterosexual.
You are entitled to your beliefs just as others are entitled to laugh at you for your beliefs. I am watching the evening news here and. See that the Episcopalian Church in the US now accepts marriage equality. I m waiting for the lightening bolts.
Theresa the "traditional family" does exist.
Who do you want to attack. Why do you have such an issue with equality?
Not if these children were born heterosexual. My parents were both heterosexual as were most of my siblings. I am homosexual.
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