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Vatican Welcomes Gay Catholics

James2517 Wrote: Feb 20, 2015 10:02 AM
Hey Joycey - "Love one another as I have loved you" "What soever you do to the least of my brothers....." Lose your hatred towards your gay brothers and sisters in the Lord.
Ayatollah O'Gill has spoken. He knows the thoughts and wishes of the more than 10 million gay Americans. Ayatollah O'Gill is on a mission from God. Later my friend. Time to head out into the cold. Be well
Easily said if you don't own stocks like I do. Seriously, the stock market is a measure of the health of an economy. The US market has been by far the best performing major market over the past 6 years much to the frustration of the Obama haters. Obama is certainly not my favorite. I want to see Keystone built and there are other things I wish he would do. But is he the devil like so many THers seem to think? No. Has life been torture the past 6 years? My wallet says no.
I ask only because you seem so concerned about the sexual sins of others. I say let he without sin cast the first stone.
ANd what is God's way? WHat has he told you? He is mystery. His ways are not ours.
What is my way? You know very little about me.
And what about your sexual sins, Darbs?
Because look at what the stock market has done the past 5 years. America is hardly on the verge of economic collapse.
He has been in office for 6 years. In that time the stock market, making all time highs today has nearly tripled. I'll take that.
Darbs, you don't have a monopoly on God's wishes for his people. The Lord is mystery, his way is not ours.
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