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None whatsoever. It has brought joy to gay friends of mine and their families.
What harm has marriage equality done to you?
You have a tire business? Or are you a pastry chef? Florist? Do yo produce or sell a product that has been touched by a gay peron?
So mud, what kind of biz do you own? - privately held of publicly traded? As a big wheeler /dealer I guess you make a l of political contributions as well.
I was at the beach with family. The sun came out after noon here. I have a life. So what sort of business do you run?
I put a check in the collection plate. I bank at Chase. Did you see where NOM's Brian Brown wants to organize a boycott of Chase. I wonder if the Church will refuse to cash my check.
Except that God renders to Caesar. Don't think God gets worked up about who gets a drivers license or recognition of partnership by the state.
Name a right of yours that has been destroyed? You still come to TH to blow hot air. You said that in 5 years time I would be living in some sort of concentration camp. How ridiculous is that. TH fanatics have been screaming for the past 5.5 years that brown shirts would be waiting outside their doors for them to take then to camps. No one outside the 1% fringe can take you seriously.
And the leadership is smart to do so. The days of marriage equality as a wedge issue are past us.
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