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Nonsense, in reality, yes you are right. But they will NEVER allow the republicans to get off scott free. If the Republicans give Obama what he wants than they are saying to the public that his plan is their plan...and if the economy tanks, they will get equal blame. That's why they should fight this tooth and nail, because they will get blamed either way.
Creepy, just plain creepy...but not surprising that 0bama is now their god.
How cute, the WaPo actually thought that 0bama was telling the truth when he pledged to reform entitlements.
"If you want these wingers, you must like to lose elections" Did you support Romney? If so, then you must like to lose also.
Bush ran the debt up 5 trillion dollars...nope, don't owe him an apology. When it comes to whether or not I would rather have slow ride (Republican) of the cliff or fast ride (Democrat) off the cliff...I choose neither.
Now it's time for everyone to close their eyes and imagine had Paul Ryan said these things. There would be wall to wall coverage by the MSM from now until election day. But alas, we no longer have a unbiased MSM in this country.
He's the kind of man most women want in a husband...successful, good-looking, caring and chivalrous (liberals would say old-fashioned).
They are in full blown panic mode, Biden provided red meat for his base but not much else. Ryan wins the first debate according to the CNN instapoll.
They have been lying about this from day one and they continue to lie. There was no protest outside the embassy, this was coordinated terrorist attack and they knew it from day one. They were embarrassed because Obama just got back from the convention where he said that al qaeda was back on it's heels. So they had to lie in order to avoid egg on the face of Obama.
So do they offer free STD exams afterwards?
Jim Lerher has one job and one job only tonight and that is to protect Obama from embarrassment.
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