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And once again Obama proves he's the most orwellian POTUS ever. He could teach the ministry of truth of thing or two.
Unfortunately, preventative medicine isn't the answer either, I'm all for getting cancer screenings and physicals but it's not the solution you think it will be. http://healthcarecostmonitor.thehastingscenter.org/louiserussell/a-persistent-myth/
Doubtful, I've heard this strategy from Dr.K as well...the problem I think is that Obama and the Dems will never allow things to get too bad. As we've seen so far, Obama has already missed several deadlines and delaying parts of the law (illegally) that would certainly cause too much harm. While short term, this is good news, long term...its still the law of the land and just waiting to be implemented and causing uncertainty for us all. My point is, Obama will continue to make up the ACA law as he goes along and will dare the GOP to call him on it...so far the GOP doesn't have guts to do anything about it.
First of all the "GOP" would not beat Obama, the "GOP" has been dragged kicking and screaming into this battle by conservatives.
The fact of the matter is that Obama doesn't want to be POTUS, he wants a dictatorship. He doesn't want to have to negotiate or come up with compromises. He's not suited for the position. He would be great as the leader of Iran or Syria or North Korea...but representative republic? Not so much.
Funny how "voter suppression" only affects their side. Ms. Giron, both sides had to play by the same rules and you lost, deal with it.
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