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Holy FOOK, WTF is going on in dc???? =O
Not even close.
GODS, but she is stupid...........
Seriously though, FOOK that blasted 'cutie curl'/'kiddie curl' or whatever the blasted thing is. It's a waste of 1s and 0s to be FORCED to have the dang thing going!!!
As long as TownHall keeps playing these D@MN auto-playing ads for things I WILL NEVER buy, I will keep boycotting this bloody website and get the videos off of YouTube! Thanks though......................................
"We cannot follow both the federal law and the executive action and ensure the integrity of the elections process". That was the point. If liberals thought for a second illegal aliens from other countries would vote overwhelmingly for Republicans they would be screaming from every street corner and be manning the borders/airports themselves. With guns.
And the illegal alien, dead...
They want to impose islam in America. Treat their LGTGSATYZF crowd the same way isis would.
FACT: Look down between your legs. FACT: THAT determines what gender someone is. FACT: You're an idjit.... FACT: 0bama is the one worst mistake America has ever made.
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