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Long live the "Bill of Rights"!
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Obama’s Blue-Green Bust

James17 Wrote: Apr 13, 2014 2:05 PM
Barry Soetoro, Holder, dirty Harry, Hillbag, & the delusional Peelosi and the rest of this blatantly corrupt commies are doing everything they can to control the destruction of this once great nation. And they are doing a dam good job of it.
Barry Soetoro is a pathological iier. If his mouth is moving he is lying.
The communist democrats are enslaving the American people with massive debt, and massive control. They are devout communist who don't give a dam about blacks, or Hispanics other then to enslave them to the welfare roles in the U.S. for a permanent voting block.
No one on earth wants to follow the failed ideology of liberal communist democrats. Except the elitist liberal scum thieves in this country. This country needs to experience more Ovomitcare pain & lies, to learn their lesson the hard way. So maybe the low information voter can learn that the democrats lied & have cause many deaths & financial ruin. Bengazi, & Fast & Furious, Detroit, Cleveland = All democrat controlled failures.
I agree with you. I have never been in this communist state, and never will be. And I have added Maryland to the list.
Cujo is a pure communist hating freedom & the U.S. Constitution, & Bill of Rights. This man is pure evil!
Hillturd doesn't have a chance of being elected. She is Bengazidone! Many democrats won't even vote for her tired sagging sack.
Zucker is a libtard, along with the rest of the Communist News Network. They should never be allowed to conduct another POTUS debate! Period!
Katie smashes liberal arguments into oblivion. Thank God, she stands for the truth!
You know the difference between Edward Snowden and Susan Rice? The truth.
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