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Clint Eastwood was right!
Barry is the EMPTY CHAIR at the unity rally.
Recalls are what shapes these democrats in to obeying the Bill of Rights 2nd Amendment. Nothing else.
Communist democrats are trying to turn law abiding gun owners into felons.
It only took Barry Soetoro over a year to make the call to take out OBL He didn't want to make the call.
Drive by (libtard) media CNN (communist news network), low information & (illegal) undocumented democrats, no voter ID laws, and mail in ballots + Barry phones & other free bees = rigged elections.
He was shunned by the other leaders
Bloomturd, and the rest of the communist little dictators, hate the fact that they can't control the population in this country. They hate freedom, the U.S. Constitution, and the bill or rights, and they will spend their last pennies trying to destroy freedom.
Christy needs to go back to doing what he dose best, hugging Barry Soetoro.
Scott Walker, or John Kasich would be great Presidents, but I don't want to loose Kasich as my Governor.
Yeah, I don't want Bush either. I want a hard core Conservative, like Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, or Trey Gowdy
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