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As long as they are all future communist democrats than let them abort. BTW only communist democrats abort their young.
This is the same guy who directed the operation giving 1000s of weapons to the Mexican drug cartels, so they could slaughter 1000s of Latinos. The higher the kill numbers the better in their sick minds. This intel was then to use as anti 2nd amendment propaganda to "brainwash" Americans against gun ownership, and to propose a ban of gun ownership.
The only thing he forgot to mention was brainwashing, but E. holder has that propaganda covered.
Bloomberg is just showing his communist democrat dictator hate speech propaganda psyops to the world.
That is a good one!
All of the Dems should go to the middle east without any protection and then wine & dine with these people and tell them how much they love them and that that they don't want to harm them. And they should make the middle east their favorite "a gun free zone". That will solve all of the dems problems in the middle east. To convince their new friends the dems can offer them free IRS rebates for all, free Obamacare. Because it won't add one dime to the U.S. debt.
This psycho communist democrat should be committed. He sets the radical commie democrat standard.
Send the worthless communist POS overseas behind the real enemy lines.
The communist democrats are not afraid to send conservative men off to war to save their evil souls. And the dems can't gay marry and abort quick enough to go out of existence.
The people can elect a communist democrat that will ensure the end of America quickly with massive doomsday debt, and with the repeal of all freedoms, Nightly then the people can riot and fight for what little scraps they can find. That is the utopia that the communist democrats promise for their enslaved debt voters.. Or the people can vote for a REAL true conservative like Scott Walker who maybe can save the America way of life. Maybe if it isn't already to late?
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Obama's Failed Presidency

James17 Wrote: Feb 08, 2015 11:16 AM
Barry Soetoro will go down in history as the worst & most deceitful POTUS in U.S. history.
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