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Most are Hispanics south of the U.S. Border, except for Brian Terry a U.S Border Patrol Officer.
100s to 1000s murdered with Fast & Furious.
The communist democrats are dancing in the streets tonight.
Once a commie anti 2nd amendment democrat, always a anti constitution commie libtard. I will not be donating to any Republicans in the future.
I served under James Webb when he was Secretary of the U.S. NAVY in the NAVY. He would be a good candidate for the Dems. He believes in packing heat, conceal carry, strong DOD, and is more conservative then a lot of North East RINOs. But I will never ever vote for another Commie Democrat.
These low life POS communist demons democrats are the scourge of the earth. No self respecting human should associate with.
Never trust a Democrat. They have been lying and killing Republicans & blacks since they created the KKK in the mid 1870s to keep their control over the blacks in this country. Today they brainwash, and enslave them to their dependency. This Democrat will kill coal if she is elected, and will work to ban the 2nd Amendment.
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Poll: Even Illinois is Sick of Obama

James17 Wrote: Apr 26, 2014 8:21 PM
Voting for Democrats, is like voting for government slavery, bankruptcy, and total FUBAR failure.
Never,ever, ever, ever vote for a Democrat!
Cumo, Barry Soetoro, Blumfurd, Zoros, Peelosi, Reid & the rest of the filth lying democrats are all communist h e l l bent on destroying our freedoms & country.
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