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A Few Thoughts on Paul Ryan's Introductory Speech

James17 Wrote: Aug 11, 2012 12:36 PM
This coming election can't get here soon enough. The Ovomit administration is in warp drive to destroy this country, and the constitution, to bring the failed EU policies to this side of the Atlantic. Never has there been a more failed steward of this great country, and deceptive, secretive. nonleader then BHO.

Governor Romney gave his new running mate a very warm introduction this morning, detailing elements of Ryan's middle class, Catholic, Midwestern biography and praising the 42-year-old's serious solutions for fixing America's entrenched problems.  Anticipating mendacious Left-wing attacks on Paul Ryan's bipartisan Medicare reform for future seniors, Romney emphasized that President Obama has slashed more than half-a-trillion from the program (to fund a new and unpopular entitlement program), and that the Republican plan is geared toward saving and preserving Medicare and Social Security.  Expect to hear this theme a lot.  Ryan echoed it during his speech, telling the audience that...