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Rubio is neither wonderful nor would he have had much to do with carrying Florida. A lot of Floridians who knew nothing about him when he was the Establishment's replacement for Crist (Rubio is Jeb Bush's protege), are now knowledgeable. Even the Tea Party, which endorsed him, later expressed regrets. He's not as popular here as people think, because he is the point man for amnesty for illegals and shows it almost every time he opens his mouth.. We kicked Mel Martinez out of office for being that same thing.
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Does Race Trump Self Interest?

James165 Wrote: Sep 06, 2012 9:31 AM
What Charles doesn't say is that he himself voted for Obama because of race. He did, however, disclose it on Neil Cavuto's show some time ago. And I still can't understand that. Anyone who knows his history would not have expected that from him. I don't listen to anything he says anymore. He's lost me.
And, None, you say "by the millions". If that doesn't put fear into you, what does? What's to stop many more "millions" from feeling so welcome and coming here, completely changing this country to their own preferences via political action. You simply are not thinking of the future of this country. Unless you are an illegal alien yourself, you should not wish this on anyone, including yourself.
Sorry, but almost EVERYONE is looking for a better life. Including most Americans (many of whom have been displaced in the job market by illegals). "Looking for a better life" and having criminally entered another country and having been successful at it for an extended period of time does NOt entitle you to special consideration. This harms others who have done it, painstakingly, the right way, and also harms the Americans who have already suffered job loss, wage depression and in countless other ways where illegals have just gotten"goodies" (education, healthcare) at the expense of American taxpayers.
Additionally, Dean, HOW can you say it is "impossible" for most Mexican and South Americans to come here legally. Lou Dobbs, before he was terrorized and intimidated by the La Raza ilk, used to point out frequently that more new LEGAL citizens are Mexican and Hispanic than any other national group. What YOU want is for us all to sit down and decide, consciously, that we indeed WILL become a Hispanic country, which has a huge chance of turning the US into something unrecognizable. I repeat: We need to have assimilation. Your wishes do not achieve that.
Dean, I disagree. We have always been a "melting pot' and that is one of the main reasons, I believe, that we have become so great. There was always great competition to learn English and assimilate, because of competing cultures. That is exactly what is wrong with allowing so many of ONE ETHNICITY here so rapidly so that assimilation is not even a goal. This has always been avoided because you get what you have now: Hispanic culture/language being stuffed down our throats. And the possibility if them taking our country and making it theirs.
Yada yada yada. Another "great speech" by Marco Rubio, the establishment Latino/Hispanic -- Jeb's best friend and pick for VP. Why don't you guys look at what he has DONE, not what he says. The only thing he has contributed to the Republican Party is to dream up more DREAM Acts for illegals while ignoring Floridians/Americans. It was true when he was in Florida, and he's already trotted it out at the national level. Yes, great speech-giver -- just like Obama. No matter what he SAYS, what he DOES is always better for illegals than for Americans.
I agree. Yahoo's headlines are so slanted you think you are reading a newsletter from the Democratic Party. They have a long way to go until they become anywhere near fair and balanced.
I thought the very same thing myself. Why is it that so many of these talking heads act as though Romney's wealth is something to be ashamed of. Most people could only dream of making as much money as Williams does for the utter nonsense that spews from his mouth.
I couldn't agree with Kate more. I, also a Catholic, am truly disgusted with our so-called "leaders" in the Church. Actually, though, they are very much like our politicians of today. They usually attend $150 a plate dinners and hobnob with the wealthiest of their parishioners. They have no idea how the common man, Catholic or not, lives. Fie on them. And I believe studies have been done on this and found that there's a huge gap between what these out-of-touch Bishops think is right and what the average Catholic churchgoer thinks is right in the political world. They need to butt out of politics and shut up. They'll end up cutting off their noses to spite their faces. Outside of issues involving faith and morals, they have...
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