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I believe that between satelites and drones, we can determine where most of these animals live and train. We should determine this and bomb them until they are extinct.
I vote for violence.
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ISIS, Mexican Drug Cartels Teaming Up?

James1386 Wrote: Aug 21, 2014 7:21 PM
You don't think that a raghead with intent to kill Americans can walk over with the thousands of illegals that are coming over daily?
Send some big bombs to the areas that they live or operate.
There was an article on TH a couple of weeks ago that pointed out that the US is not going to be able to contain these animals. The answer is to eliminate them. Use our technology to track them and destroy them.
Coming soon to a school near you.
Obama will have to draw a line in the sand.
Luckily, we have private space carrier SpaceX that can (and has) access the space station, if the Russians don't lock the door when we get there.
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