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Why don't Christie reread his Oath of office and follow those rules to protect the bill of rights and constitution instead of attacking it like liberal democrats do unless he admits that he is one.
What kind of country would we have if the liberals were eliminated? As Phil Robertson would say HAPPY HAPP HAPPY! I'll bet.
Now here is a rule we can live with, get guns out of governments hands where to vote at!
Did you know the second amendment is the most infringed right we have! Why do voters keep voting in the kind of politicians that keep trying to enslave the population, for if they get your right to be armed the government can and will destroy the rest of your constitution! Why do the keep doing the same thing?
Should be a law that says it's against the law to attack any part of the constitution, attack it and you will pay a penalty equal to your life, then the stupid liberal will stop with the control antics.
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