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From what I understand of BC/BS insurance plans, their "Catastrophic" coverage is only for those under 30-years-old. This guy's policy would've been cancelled anyway because of that requirement. Deal with it dude! ..you were a celeb on TV! ..not living as a retiree with an invalid husband, making less than the subsidy required amount!
We know how ya feel, Joe, ..we know how ya feel. ;)
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Can Republicans Talk?

JAMES1054 Wrote: Sep 18, 2012 11:21 AM
I believe the Republicans ARE talking issues in language that is easily understood -- but they are NOT being covered by the mainstream media when they do! Compared to the abundant opportunities BHO gets from appearances on Letterman, Leno, etc, and the 'exclusive' pieces he does with all the networks -- little can be gained from the Republican candidates other than what is thrown out there by all the talking heads! Maybe to help sway the un-committed voter they might have more of an audience opportunity to ones that want some 'meat' with their succotash - but to the already informed voter not intent on furthering their education of the issues, they swill down that succotash with plenty of Kool-Aid flowing from under the throne at the Whit
"..At least Cantor stood for something, he’d say." ..referring to Romney's 'flip-flopping' on issues, saying one thing, doing another, etc. Hey, maybe this is a hatred or animosity driven by Romney's ability to do something as well or better than Obama.
It takes him all this time to come up with an energy plan (..that no one wants, or agrees to), and all he'll do now is wait for the flak to start up about this -- and SPIN IT that "..look, see those nasty REPS are keeping us from getting a sound energy policy passed! ..they're not for us, they're not for America!" Just you wait and see.
I think what our exhalted leader means is, "the private is doing fine" -- they don't need government assistance -- and THAT'S where the REAL problem lies! I won't be satisfied until everyone in the private sector AND public sector is on the govt dole, and they are all subservant to me!"
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