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Well if you find that 16 forms of birth control is not enough then maybe you should just keep your legs closed. If people want the abortion methods of "birth control", pay for it yourself.
Where was Obama and Hilary during the Benghazi attacks? Who gave the stand down order? Who came up with talking points about a video? Why did Hilary look the victim's families in the eye and told them they would bring the producer of the video to justice when she knew it was never about a video? Why did they keep denying that White House did not provide talking points to Susan Rice? Why was email directing Rice's talking points with held from congress? Why were survivors never made available for questioning? I am glad that Fox and Republicans are trying to get the truth, as Americans would still believe the White House's narrative about a video. Americans may not realize that the Cairo protest was a planned protest that was scheduled a month before September 11,2014. The video was aired September 8, 2014. The protest was already planned before the protesters saw the video. The victim's families deserve the truth. I pray they get it, finally.
Over 6,000,000 policy cancellations. Over 7,000,000 sign ups. 30,000,000 still uninsured. Only in Obamaville is that a success.
Now if the uniformed would get a clue, it would be higher.
Well I guess that explains why the roll out was such a mess.
Maybe the city should be suing the illegal immigrant for the cost of the rescue as he is illegal and shouldn't be here, therefore he wouldn't have needed to be rescued costing taxpayers money. Deport him, already, please!
What are they going to do to the 46 million that don't enroll? As we have seen it is not good to get on Obama's bad side.
The really sad part is the people who still support him!
Ms. Pavlich has more intelligence and common sense in her little toe than the whole UNC Student Congress put together.
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