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Ann Romney Dazzles in Tampa

jalexander350 Wrote: Aug 29, 2012 2:41 PM
If you are a voter, I can see your disappointment about Ron Paul but do you really want Obama back in office for 4 more years? I wanted Newt but Got Romney. So now Romney is the man to beat Obama.

Who is Mitt Romney? If Americans didn’t know who he was before, they know now. Tuesday night at the RNC convention in Tampa, Mrs. Ann Romney destroyed the stereotype of an out-of-touch Romney family. She entered the Tampa Bay Times forum to a roaring and standing crowd with many chanting, “We love you Ann!”

Romney spoke directly to a struggling America. She told them personal stories about her struggles with breast cancer, living with MS and raising five children. She spoke of the love her husband has given her through more than 40 years of marriage.