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Where is Bob Lee Swagger when you really need him?
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Charlie Crist and "Exaggeration" In TV Ads

Jakota Wrote: Sep 26, 2014 1:23 PM
In order to vote for Crist, you either have to nuts or his wife.
Rubio could do it, if he hadn't shot himself in leg already with his insane stance on immigration. The guy is whip-smart and thinks quickly on his feet and articulates well. I'm just not sure he can come back from that Gang of 8 debacle, ever!
Make these rules meeting public, then we'll see just how unpopular these 'leaders' really are!
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Megyn Kelly Destroys Bill Ayers, Again

Jakota Wrote: Sep 19, 2014 9:43 AM
Taking Ayers' comments as serious is a fool's errand. You might as well start believing what 0bama has to say.
Can someone explain to my why a Train & Equip bill is paired with a Continuing Resolution Bill?
If proven true, these are jail-able offenses and I fully expect to see someone do some serious slam-time!
What in the world is the problem with voting on these issues separately? It only takes a few minutes. What does Ebola have to do with the CR? This is why our government runs amuck. Jamming up the works until everyone simply throws their hands in the air and says 'I give up'! Mark my words . . . someone will attach another last minute frivolous amendment that will go through simply because there's not enough time for debate or contesting.
If and when ISIS controls most of the oil in the mideast, you won't be distracted paying $10 for a gallon of gas. It won't take much for ISIS to invade and control Saudi Arabia and the straight of Hormuz. With our current US energy policy, it will take years for us to get self-sufficient.
I agree with you, Esther. But, I'm hoping Rubio sticks to his new stance, vehemently, because the rest of his stances, such as we know, seem very good. Besides, this man speaks so well on his feet and is so articulate. But if his platform has holes, ie. comprehensive immigration reform, he's out!
Strict border security, first. Prove it, unequivocally. Then and only then can we talk about those here.
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