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You are correct, 8. These 40 nations Kerry is referring to are mostly 'maybes'. And the some will be proving paperclips, bathroom tissue, shoe laces and trash bags. loisonetwo has not yet learned that EVERYTHING this administration says must be interpreted and to do that you need a copy of their dictionary.
Buzz, you are correct that the (R)s are too weak. They have all their eggs in the Nov Election Basket. Win the Senate. My concern is that after they do control both houses, they will still do nothing to straighten this mess out. (except cash those paychecks)
If these perjuries are not punished with jail time, there ought to be a revolution.
Whenever Geraldo shows up on Fox, I change the channel. In my mind, he's barely one step above Sharpton.
It doesn't make any difference what the (R)s do. It's what the (D)s say the (R)s did. That is what the media will portray. If Ryan thinks the (R)s will be held blameless, he is naive to a fault. The (D)s could go out and burn down a puppy farm, blame the (R)s and that's how it will be reported. God, I hate stupidity!
It's like a disease!
Suppose the migration from blue Michigan were significant enough to allow an (R) to win the vacated Levin seat? That would mean that enough blues left to make it red. You see, this can go both ways!!
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We Don’t Have to Have More Fergusons

Jakota Wrote: Aug 25, 2014 8:18 AM
Excellent post, Wolf, and I too have spent 50+ years trying to care, unsuccessfully. Now when I see looting, riots, half dressed maniacs screaming unfairness, I simply smile and say to myself, "They'll never change". They're taught to hate anything white.
Obama has not mastered the idea that congressmen and senators represent real live people who have wants needs and desires they expect their representatives to fight for in congress. Obama believes he's dealing with individuals who must bow to his wishes or be dissed.
This has all the earmarks of mischief written all over it. "Well, well, well . . look what we found in our second autopsy!"
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