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Hey, hey, hey, hey . . . stop it. I was a used car salesman and had 100 times more credibility than those in DC.
Boy-Oh-Boy, Doug, do we think alike. The people in Washington should be made to fear the word RECALL!
Another (R) leadership member who talks big but votes liberal.
Why bother lower standards? Just arrest every white person on the assumption they are racist.
No offense, Bliefus, but Issa and Gowdy talk a good game, but have brought NO ONE to justice.
People who think this is all about 'governance' are full of it. Including congressmen and senators. This is about saving the Constitution and stopping Obama's lawlessness. NOW!
OK, Pistol, now tell us what the solution IS! Vote for more squish?
Graham is the reason we can't seem to win many fights. He deems them unwinnable before the fight even starts and then convinces others they are unwinnable because him, McCain, Flake, Thune, Hatch and others think they are unwinnable because they can't win unless they have a super-majority in the senate, control the house completely and have the presidency. And then he's going to have to sleep on it to see if it might be winnable. Perhaps!
Yes, let's form a committee and send a stern letter!
A nuclear bomb could detonate on DC and the Fed Government would immediately improve!
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