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Kirsten Powers makes me sick!
The (R) party should create a TV ad showing a reporter asking an illegal immigrant how much money they brought with them and how they planned on surviving in a strange new country. Then have the immigrant answer that he/she planned on the kindness of the American people to pay for her food, clothing, shelter, medical expenses, taxes, education at least until she could find a job, if ever. Save your Job - Save your money - Save your Country VOTE for BORDER ENFORCEMENT! Done right, this would ease any qualms about what is really going on here and who's paying.
The first step in a campaign is to get financing/backing. Getting down in the dirt for the fight is not the way to get it. Once you get it, I'm with you, let's get physical!
ya but they want cash money - the rest they don't quite get!
The media didn't.
It's not us who's believing the spewing. The media is buying into this hook line and sinker. After our own government, America's 2 biggest enemies are college professors and the news media.
The NBA can go straight to . . . well, you get the idea! This is so unAmerican, it sickens me.
Clinically Stupid!
People, people, people . . . the term is Homosexual, not gay,
Who paid for her flight?
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