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A nuclear bomb could detonate on DC and the Fed Government would immediately improve!
Where is Bob Lee Swagger when you really need him?
I am so ashamed of Flake, Hatch and McCain I could spit. This woman admitted in the hearings she plans on not enforcing the law and and will break her oath AS SHE TAKES IT and these 3 circus clowns APPROVE?
"For the life of me, I just can't understand why illegals would "come out of the shadows" and start reporting income that was hitherto untaxed. What's their incentive to do that? " WELFARE!
"The Obama administration last week put on hold plans to shield more than 4 million immigrants . . . " For the life of me, I can't understand why Townhall publishes AP articles. The judge FORCED the administration - they did not put it on hold voluntarily.
Journalism will not return until colleges are gutted of liberals and communists.
At this point, the best (R) strategy is Do Nothing. DHS is technically unfunded and a judge has put the memo order on hold.
Oh, no! They'll form a committee and have meetings followed by stern letter.
That is by far the most disjointed post I've read today. The first 2 'paragraphs' contain no complete sentences. C'mon, WJF, you can do better!
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