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Your son's high school football team has enough players for 3 NFL teams? The basketball teams have enough players for 3 NBA teams? I find that hard to believe.
Finally! Someone who gets it! How dare the government tell children what subsidized/free food they can eat? This is worse than Stalinist Russia!
If your caloric intake is set at 3600, you either need to see a new doctor or you are extremely obese. That is almost twice as much as the recommended caloric intake (2000 calories) for the typical adult male. The recommended caloric intake for an average (5'10", 160lbs) 17 year old American male who doesn't do much exercise (ie most of them) is 2050 calories a day. For athletes doing more exercise, this will obviously be higher (500-600 or so) and should be taken into account at breakfast, since that is where you get much of your daily energy. And we wonder why our children are obese, when parents think a surplus of 1000 calories is normal.
How is providing federal money to a state violating the constitution?
How is providing funding to a state's schools unconstitutional?
The National School Lunch Act, enacted in 1946, provides funding to schools for food programs. It isn't required and schools don't have to take the money. But if they do, there are guidelines to what can be served. What's wrong with that?
The "feds" are authorized to fund school lunches via the National School Lunch Act, enacted in 1946 under Truman. Schools are not required to participate or take the money, which would allow them to not follow the guidelines.
If the government provides funding for school lunches, shouldn't they have standards as to what is served? And how is the government in our bedrooms? The only thing I can think of are the miscegenation, sodomy, etc laws passed by Republicans.
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