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Left-Wing Ideology Now Rules Supreme In America

JakeSchlangemann Wrote: Dec 13, 2012 4:47 PM
Family First: "... I were a working poor family scratching to get by, and was then told by the conservative candidate I was simply irresponsible." Are you seeking equal outcomes? Liberty is the freedom to apply one's faculties to his economic resources (land, labor, capital). All four of these factors (faculties, land, labor, capital) vary from person to person. Outcomes will not be equal. It is the responsibility of each person to make the best of what he has. The irresponsible person isn't the poor person; it is the person who habitually squanders what he has and expects others to bail him out.

News flash for conservatives, Christians, libertarians or anyone in America who embraces traditional values, the rule of law, common sense, basic math, a more secure nation or politicians who put you and your family first: You have lost or are losing across the board. Period.

With the re-election of Barack Obama — and he and his campaign should be congratulated for not only running a winning campaign but, more importantly, for also exploiting the weaknesses created by the nanny-state — there is now no more mystery or doubt. Liberal ideology rules supreme in our country and to say otherwise,...