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We know what it means. It means you are stupid for supporting a LYING POS like Obama who hates America. You're STUPID America hating koolaid drinking dopes if you have a party leader like that and see nothing wrong with him.
Sounds a little better. I might even go and work there myself. And guess what you uneducated morons, I'm going to get the job before you will because I finished school. The higher the minimum wage is, the more skilled workers will take those jobs and the ones who aren't educated will be unemployed. Sorry, but it's ones of the pitfalls about making a high minimum wage. Tough break, losers.
Pay your own damn benefits and pensions like the private sector workers do. You make more money than them, usually can't get fired and get raises just about whenever you want them. You're no better than the private sector so pay your own effing way, leeches.
Who said we were stupid head? Only YOU. No one else is saying it except you, you dope. Do you realize that most everyone is laughing at your stupidity every time you get up and speak?
Usually happens when we get a commie,socialist, muslim as our president.
Christie is a phony. He looked good at the beginning but now people are getting wise to these fake politicians and seeing them for the garbage they are. Too bad they weren't as wise when our Scumbag in Chief was campaigning 7 years ago.
I'm not going to feel sorry for any of you any more. You have enough secret agencies in France, GB, US Germany and other countries to build a huge task force whose job it would be is to eradicate all terrorists who come to your country and blow you up. You won't do it so stop crying about it. You need to kill these bastards and their families or they will kill you and your families. It's simple stupid.
What do we want? A dead Sharpton. When do we want it? We want it now. How's that feel, you POS?
My God, they're getting dumber and dumber. Is it a prerequisite for the job of Press Secretary that you have to have a single digit IQ?
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