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In Praise of Discrimination

Jake270 Wrote: Jun 27, 2012 2:38 PM
Intrusive federal policies from the Democrats created the economic meltdown of 2008 by forcing lenders to approve high-risk mortgages. Now the feds want to intrude on Insurance companies by forcing them to approve high-risk policies at no additional cost. Federal entitlements have the reverse effect of their intentions. They make everyone think their benefits are "free", and that those benefits are also a "right". We are becoming a society of takers, and when everyone takes and nobody earns, chaos will reign and there will be riots in the streets just like in Greece when the government finally runs out of other people's money. Yes, like Stossel, I am scared too.

I'm scared.

I fear that even if the Supreme Court overrules most of Obamacare (or did already, by the time you read this), Republicans will join Democrats in restoring "good" parts of the law, like the requirement that insurance companies cover kids up to age 26 and every American with a pre-existing condition.

Those parts of Obamacare are popular. People like getting what they think is free stuff. But requiring coverage to age 26 makes policies cost more.

Even Bill O'Reilly lectures me that government should ban discrimination against those with pre-existing conditions. Most Americans agree with him. Who likes...