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Of course they're not paying attention. What with rewriting resumes, going to job interviews, and collecting unemployment (if they are still able), who has time to pay attention to the dimbulb ideas that have prolonged this malaise of misery. You wish Slick, you wish.
You will never go wrong if you find out what Joe Biden will do and then do the opposite.
The beauty of this story is that the primary participant is no longer available to provide any information. The person who evidently provided much of the info wasn't present when the alleged incident occurred. How convenient. As far as Romney not remembering the alleged incident, skeptics are invited to read a book called The Invisible Gorilla (or something like that. Look it up.). It's a tough read as it is more scholarly than Reader's Digest but it provides ample evidence regarding the fallibility of human memory. Remember Hillary's landing under fire in Bosnia. Prior to reading the book, I believed Hillary to be knowingly lying. After reading the book I'm not sure. Anyway, the WP story is a perfect hit piece. There's no there there.
However could that be? With a solid record of failure for the last 3 1/2 years, how could those miserable ungrateful ignorant peasants in flyover country dare to cast aspersions upon the benevolent misguided guidance of this administration. Hope & Change? Hopeless & Clueless!
If memory serves, old Harry was a firm believer in the filibuster back in the days when the Democrats were the minority in the Senate. What's changed? Oh, that's right, the Democrats are the majority party now. Whodathunkit?
Why little old Nancy lied? How could that be? She promised the most ethical transparent Congress ever! Oh, wait! That's right. She lied!
Wotta crock. Bill Clinton lecturing on doing the right thing. Hutzpa incarnate.
Of course a later law could allow the data from these boxes be used to levy a mileage tax on the owner of said vehicle since it will allow the vehicles every move to be tracked. Not that the trustworthy honorable federal government would ever consider such a thing. Of course if the technology is available, it would be a shame to waste it. Right Rahm?
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Can Government Do Anything Well?

Jake156 Wrote: Apr 11, 2012 12:14 AM
I've often wondered if government were given an anvil and told to improve it, what would be the result. I'm not sure but I'd bet there would be 200 pages of specifications and regulations guaranteed to thwart the anvil's original purpose.
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