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We should use that next time the Democrats try to tell us that minorities are too stupid to punch a card correctly and that we should give them multiple tries at it. If there were no "mistakes" in over 60,000 votes in Philadelphia of all places, they've got that votin' thing down pretty well.
Yes and the Dems will always pull out that chestnut about possible fraud when it comes to the military vote and will always cut off their right to vote before some illegal aliens ineligibility to vote is even questioned.
OMG, I agree. I was so excited that we were going to win, the people were out in lines, all saying they were voting for Romney, the Romney stickers were everywhere in CT. I was pretty confident that he won, couldn't believe that he lost to that bunch of losers, i.e. elite academics with no real world experience other than stealing other people's money.
I don't understand how someone who's name isn't on a list of eligible voters, can vote. Even in uber-liberal Connecticut we are required to show an ID, they take it, look our name up on the voter registration rolls in front of them, then they line-out our name with a highlighter. They know we voted, they had our ID. How come the other states can't do this and Connecticut already does? Even if someone didn't have an ID, or something was amiss with that ID, we'd give them a ballot and it would be put in a different pile until it can be determined whether they are eligible or not, or unless the democrats need a few extra votes, then they are eligible.
It really irks me that I'm considered a baby boomer being born in 1962. I thought it was 1946-1964. There is no way I'm in the camp with all the hippies of the 60's and 70's. I didn't become 18 until 1980 long after the weirdos got out of college and ran for public office or got tenure at the university they railed against for a decade. All set to screw up another generation of kids.
Please, these people make enough money. Their only concern has only ever been money. I'd gladly take what they make for 180 days worth of work for free benefits, pension and every holiday the government can think of taking off. When the unions decide that getting quality teachers is the priority instead of covering for the losers who keep getting transferred from school to school to hide them, then we'll take them seriously. The only good teachers are the ones working in the catholic schools, who make peanuts compared to the union teachers, because it's actually a calling, not a way to stick it to the man.
I have the best bumper sticker for the 2016 election. HILLARY CLINTON 2016 Because what difference, at this point, does it make! Wouldn't that look awesome on a bumper sticker and the idiots would think it was serious.
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