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Anyone who quotes Skeptical Science as a source is instantly disqualified from the debate. That is a website run by an out of work cartoonist. The articles on it are so full of scientific errors and downright fraud that they are not even worth the time to read. Everything thing I have read on there makes unsupportable assumptions and gross errors in science. It is a great example of liberal scaremongering and junk science.
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Guns In Bars

Jagdriver Wrote: Jan 15, 2014 2:38 AM
Why are the police allowed to have guns in bars? What makes them so superior? We have 2 recent stories here in SC of armed off duty policemen drinking in bars then harassing citizens. One handcuffed and assaulted a female soldier who wouldn't let him pick her up. When the sober cops arrived he was the one that went to jail. No sir, if cops can have them, so can I. I am just as well trained and probably more even tempered, since I don't have a God complex that most cops do.
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