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Pelosi: We Don't Have a Spending Problem

jafo2me Wrote: Feb 11, 2013 7:04 PM
This is to the all of “US” and to the all of “THEM” in this world. As Bill Murray said, “We are “ALL” Americans and that is with a capital A.” Having said that, it is time to accept what is reality!! The people who do not accept your “God Given” rights, whichever one they want to remove from you today or tomorrow, do “NOT” hate the fact that you can do any of it!! They do not hate your “GUNS,” they do not hate your right to work or your refusal to participate in their failed “Socialist” Agenda anymore then they hate your right to disagree with them. The simple of it is "ALL” those people who feel so strongly about your refusal to see things their way, your refusal to give up your rights for the “GOOD” of the “COLLECTIVE” HATE “YOU.”
jafo2me Wrote: Feb 11, 2013 7:04 PM
Your ideas, your guns, your speech, your freedoms in general “ARE NOT” the problem, YOU ARE THE PROBLEM!!!
The “PROGRESSIVES” follow these people who they don’t even know exist, with some hypnotic allegiance to our, their own demise??? These leaders, the Jesuit Black Pope, the Karzars, the 13 Satanic Blood Lines, the Committee of 300 and the World Alphabet Boys, have one goal. They need you to be “ELIMINATED.”

I believe it is important at this point in your life, at this point in time, you understand that your enemy is “NOT” here to reason with you. You cannot reason with “THEM” and that is why it has always seemed impossible to use logic to achieve some clarity which never seems to come!!!
Marie150 Wrote: Feb 11, 2013 7:16 PM
And they are clueless as to what is good for the common good. Debt is not good for the common good.

The latest bit of fiscal denialism from a high priestess of the pro-science "reality based community," via yesterday's Fox News Sunday:


“We have to make a judgment about what -- how do we get growth with jobs, that is where the real revenue comes from. You don’t get it by…cutting your education and cutting back on investments in science and National Institutes of Health, food safety, you name it. So, it isn’t as...