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Michelle Malkin Shreds Obama Administration Response to Murder of U.S. Ambassador

jafo2me Wrote: Sep 13, 2012 9:22 PM
As a point of interest, I don't know if this was reported but as Obama made statements praising the Libyan Government for attempting to protect our diplomats Limbaugh was pointing out what really happened. Rush states the Ambassador had escaped and had reached a predetermined safe place and the Libyan Government than proceed to tell the mob where he was hidden. The mob went there and that is when the Ambassador was murdered. If Limbaugh says it I'll bet you any amount he has reliable proof to the facts and that means Obama also knows the truth. This makes his statement another outrageous deception!!! Seems Obama is classic for the lying, the scheming and just pure "EVIL" which he has become SOP for this Administration!

Last night on Hannity, Michelle Malkin completely destroyed the Obama administration's response to the murder of U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and called out the violent behavior by radical Muslims who are continuing their rioting in the Middle East today.

"Every Friday in the Jihad world is riot Friday against anything Western."