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Keep Working America, France is Depending on You

jafo2me Wrote: May 07, 2012 3:49 PM
Hollande’s “special adviser” is none other than Manuel Valls, a 2008 Bilderberg attendee who openly supports the establishment of a European Federal Superstate at the expense of national sovereignty. Valls has publicly called for the European Commission to control national budgets of “ALL” EU member nations. When confronted about his Bilderberg connections by “We Are Change Paris,” Valls attempted to deflect the question by accusing the videographers of denying the Holocaust. Now I know some of you get your panties up in a wad when I say Bilderberg but I just report the news, ok, LOL, I don’t make it up.
jafo2me Wrote: May 07, 2012 3:50 PM
As a sidebar this group is scheduled to meet this May 31st to June 3rd in Chantilly, Virginia but that can’t be because they don’t exist, oh and the National Media never covers the event. LOL.

Maybe when Hillary or Obama, as in the past, and some key members of the Federal Government show up this year to pick Marco Rubio as Romney’s running mate we can revisit the Logan Act to discuss the definition of “High Treason.”

Over the weekend, socialist French President Nicolas Sarkozy lost to mega-socialist Francois Hollande. Hollande vowed to increase taxes on the "rich" by 75 percent, lower the retirement age and increase government spending, putting France on a direct path towards Greece which means bailouts on the backs of American taxpayers.

The election results leave in question what happens now to the eurozone and its debt crisis. France is a key player in plans to navigate it. And Greece is a recipient of bailout by the European Central Bank that requires the government to slash spending.