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In 2016, GOP Needs a Candidate Voters Believe In

jafo2me Wrote: Nov 19, 2012 2:24 PM
The “National” GOP has 2 wings!! The Evangelicals who want us to go back to pre Roe V Wade. Oops, their goes 60% or more of the electorate!! The 2nd wing of the GOP is the Neo Cons who support War and the Military Industrial Complex Eisenhower warned as about!!! That is it, no fiscal Conservative, just big Government and control of the “MONEY.” So, first you people here and the GOP “ALIENATED” the Ron Paul electorate, mostly for their Foreign Policy views which conforms to the thinking of the majority of the “Military” who heavily contributed to RP, the Independents and much of the liberal wing of the Democrats.
jafo2me Wrote: Nov 19, 2012 2:24 PM
These people see a problem with Wars, Regime Change, the BS “EXCUSE” of creating Democracy in the Middle East, the loss of life and the debt it has generated. The GOP learned nothing from their loss with the last RINO McCain and the Military actions of Bush and Chaney but want more of the same!!!

The GOP also “ALIENATED” The Tea Party and the Libertarians as not conforming to Fiscal “Conservative” principles. The GOP leadership is a party of more ear marks, more spending, more war, more military spending and bigger Government!! The GOP made it “CRYSTAL” clear they don’t want them!!!
jafo2me Wrote: Nov 19, 2012 2:26 PM
The GOP pulled every dirty trick to scam the primaries against “ALL” their opponents, were vicious in describing how these groups do not represent the GOP and after all that expected them to say hey, let by gones be by gones, just come out and vote for “OUR” guy!!!

Now the Congressional GOP in the lame duck session is going to cave on raising taxes and raising the debt again with spending cuts coming when Santa Clause returns!!!

So for you here who complained that “WE” did not come out and vote for “YOUR” guy, I have one question!!! ARE YOU DELUSIONAL, have you thought about meds because it is extremely obvious to the rest of us that the “National” GOP is full of sh**!!!!

Just a right wing of a “ONE” Party System!!!!
anti-neocon Wrote: Nov 19, 2012 3:34 PM
big government party A VS. big government party B is not much of a cholce.
i predict chameleon romney will run for president again in 2016, as a democrat.

In the wake of Mitt Romney's loss, many Republicans say the GOP must make far-reaching changes to be competitive in future elections. White voters are a smaller and smaller part of the electorate, they point out, while Latinos and other minorities are growing as a percentage of the voting public. Unless the Republican Party reinvents itself to appeal to those voters, the argument goes, the GOP can get used to being out of power.

There's something to that. The electorate is changing, and the Republican Party needs to keep up with the times. But the more fundamental answer to the...