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Hillary Wants Out

jafo2me Wrote: Nov 12, 2012 1:52 PM
Who is to say the real story is not about some disagreement on policy with the Emperor in Chief and how Petraeus as played along with things he didn't agree with but the straw that broke the camel’s back is what Obama has planned for his second term??? Sometimes even people like Generals who fall in line to maintain their careers for a very long time say enough is enough!!! Who is to say this has less to do with sex and a pretty woman and more to do with "OMINOUS" things which are about to come that Petraeus, a brilliant and distinguished man wants "NOTHING" to do with??? Just a thought!!!!
katarina3 Wrote: Nov 12, 2012 2:03 PM
But you do get to be called "brilliant and distinguished" by shoving a cigar up an intern's lady parts like go ol' Billy Boy - right NYC?

Last week we heard rumors of Attorney General Eric Holder making an exit and we saw a resignation from CIA Director David Petraeus. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton very well may be next on the out list, with a presidential race in her future.

 As everyone knows, Clinton’s remaining time in the cabinet is limited. She long ago told President Obama that she wanted to leave after his first term was up. “Obviously, if he wants to get somebody confirmed I’d be sensitive to that. But it’s not going to be much longer.”