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exactly...america will be exactly like california.but they elites will live in gated communities while we have millions of mexicans among us.oh and for good measure they dont even want us to have guns for our defense.we have been greatly betrayed.
they indeed are traitors.all digusting bought off scumbugs.and none are conservatives.fight amnesty.
exactly...none of the elitist sychophants they mention represent the American people.No Amnesty.
amen carl...none of these "conservative/religious" amnesty hucksters are anything but rino shills carrying water for the rich elites.
not surprised another jew touting conservatives in the group he mentioned,just elitist free-trade hucksters.
arizona is like my home south carolina,we have many conservative voters yet somehow elect the most liberal rinos.voter fraud?voters who barely educate themselves?a corrupt media and process that shields mccain/graham types?i rack my mind to figure it out,but for god sake people wake up.its almost too late.
mccain is no war hero,he's a traitor.i dont believe he was tortured for a minute.this old liberal fossil is a turn coat and rino.the only more disgusting rino is lindsay graham who changes mccains diapers.
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Roadblocks Blocking Amnesty

jadams83 Wrote: Apr 09, 2013 4:05 AM
I love Phyllis Schlafly.If we had more females like her and less imitating Lady GaGa et al,we'd have a fine country like before.I am thankful for this wonderful lady who has been an inspiration to me dating back to the late 70's(i'm 46).God Bless you Phyllis and I want you to know stopping massive illegal and legal immigration is my number one cause.Since 2005 or 06 Ive made so many calls and sent so many faxes to Congress that I can't count them.Together we can all defeat this amnesty and then work on voting out lil Lindsay Graham,Marco Rubio and Mccain among others.
that is an excellent article,I totally agree.from my point of view the man is being used by the women,whether marrying up or screwing him over to take his assets.the leftists are also to blame for letting women think the kids belong to them and go where they are reduced to paying child support and having no say so over their own kids.women intiate 75% of divorces statistics ive seen if i'm not being treated like the head of the house and have severe disadvantages in every aspect of a legal union with a women i have to say....why would i not protect myself from marriage.i like the idea of marriage,just not the biased version offered to most men cica 2013.once again great article.on the mark.
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jadams83 Wrote: Mar 24, 2013 1:14 AM
i totally agree sir.the bolsheviks destroy their states by welcoming millions of illegals,then ban guns so said illegals can pillage at will.and once a nice state is unrecognizable they all leave and start ruining a new state,of course leaving behind the innocents who neither wanted thei agenda or have the wealth to move.its a disgrace.your thoughts mirror mine,God bless you and yours.
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