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Where does the bible tell us that the poor do not deserve beauty? If the Vatican sold off all its artworks who could afford it but private collectors? Who would ever see it again? The Vatican considers it stewardship of human works and allows the public to view its collections where private owners would not, besides the art if sold off would go all over the world. I prefer a beautiful church as reverential and awe inspiring, whereas the stripped down churches lack spirit and personality.
Quantrill and his side kick Bloody Bill Anderson both died of syphilis and the atrocities committed by them resulted from the insanity in the final stage of the disease.
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The Love Affair Ends

Jacqui9 Wrote: Oct 31, 2014 9:58 AM
Golly, I wish he'd come to Kansas and be pictured with one arm around Orman and the other around Davis!
It was mentioned above that the primary opponent was a younger conservative. That is true, however, he knew NOTHING about Kansas outside of his metropolitan area. He had no concept of how the EPA is trying to decimate the oil and agriculture business. This is not just farming and drilling but all the equipment dealers, fertilizer, seed, chemical suppliers and all their employees not to mention all the small towns that only exist because of farming and oil interests. What did Dr. Wolfe know about airplane manufacturing so very important to Wichita. Anything? Yes, I know there is a learning curve but to just be conservative is not enough, a candidate must be able to relate to the entire state in order to represent the entire state. Let him start in local politics first. Regardless of the state the country is in, the Senator still has to be able to actually represent the people who elect him or her. I'm not happy with Pat Roberts either but I didn't vote for Wolfe because I didn't see how he could help Kansans.
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The Value of Work and Labor Day

Jacqui9 Wrote: Aug 28, 2014 9:42 AM
The hours cited are what those involved in agriculture still work, if not more. Any person who has to grow their own food or is responsible for the life and well being of livestock develops a work ethic far different from a worker who can hide laziness for months or even years in other careers. Work isn't a bad thing, work was made for humans, not the other way around. When people have nothing to do, trouble follows. Observe any country with high unemployment.
The mistake the TEA Party made in Kansas is they put forth a candidate who knew NOTHING about agriculture against a Senator who has more pull in ag related issues than anyone else in Washington. Kansas' TEA Party Representative Tim Huelskamp was thrown off the House Ag Committee and electing Dr. Wolf would have left the Wheat State with NO ag representation in either chamber of Congress. If the TEA Party is serious about getting elected they had better do their homework and learn what long term historical issues drive the states and the districts they wish to represent and put forth candidates who can at least converse intelligently about those issues. Dr. Wolf was astoundingly ignorant in regard to agriculture including such issues as EPA infringement, private property rights, and oil production.
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By Food Stamps Alone

Jacqui9 Wrote: Dec 24, 2013 9:08 AM
When my husband left our family and dropped out of sight to avoid childsupport, I had to apply for benefits. I went to college pulling 17 hours a semester and working 40 hours a week nights and weekends while raising 3 kids. It wasn't easy, as my income rose my benefits dropped off and within 5 years I landed a job that paid enough to drop all benefits. Now, each year beginning in August, I see school supply drives followed by food collections for the food pantry then coat and mitten drives. There are Christmas trees decorated with paper angels or teddy bears "names" of kids who want XBoxes and Air Jordans from somebody. Then it's time to restock school supplies and collect new socks and underwear. During the summer, schools provide lunches for needy children as they are not being fed since school is out for summer. All that in addition to the $$ and food stamps, help with heating bills, babysitting, tuition, medicade, WIC, Obama phones, ad infinium ad nauseum. I've had enough, I used to participate but rarely do now. If I see a struggling family, I contact the local ministerial alliance and give thru them but not the way I used to.
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