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Solving Whose Problem?

Jacopone Wrote: Oct 25, 2013 3:49 PM
This article was posted four years ago, and it is clear those who didn't read it, or do not seek out such websites for such information, voted to re-elect Obama and his congressional cohorts. Tragically, very few of those who need to know what besets the nation ever find their way to this site. Instead they obtain information second-hand, word of mouth in their neighborhoods or union halls from people seeking their own political advantage. We're not domed, yet; but we are sure wounded.
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The Best Defense Your Money Can't Buy

Jacopone Wrote: Oct 16, 2013 1:41 PM
The government lawyers are behaving as vexatious litigants, and as such, the case should be thrown out.
"Young People Still Not Signing Up For ObamaCare." Yeah, and neither are old people. Most young people don't have the extra income to cover ObamaCare, and old people recognize that it is a scam to swallow the economy. When the Obama family's sole source of medical care is the same as any other citizen, then we'll all believe in global warming in December.
We have plenty of tax revenue coverage to pay our debt interest. If interest is not paid, that will be a deliberate act of the Obama government. Failure to pay would cause serious harm to the nation's credit, and possibly an impeccable act. So, this whole threat is a ruse to gin up hatred of Republicans by democRats and their stupid voters.
What baffles me is why is it only the shut down that triggers a drop in Obama's ratings. He has succeeded in destroying our economy and he should never have been re=elected. Shame on us for being so stupid. Obama behaves as a petulant little boy, and he is not done yet.
Whether or not Cruz' extended talk rates as a filibuster makes no difference. Hearing the truth was indeed refreshing. It appears that no one else in Washington was going to speak out for the large majority against ObamaCare. Cruz knows very well that his talk was not going to move Reid or Obama, but waiting for the mid-term election campaign to address the issue would be too late. ObamaCare will kill this nation's economy and we all need to get behind Cruz to defeat it, or die.
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Student Indoctrination

Jacopone Wrote: Sep 18, 2013 5:29 PM
Why does my family generally views me as a right-wing nut? I have dual major (Econ-Finance) under-graduate and graduate degrees. I have been a senior bank employee, a highly ranked fixed-income securities broker, a global project finance specialist; I take care of my family members without federal or state aid. My first wife and mother of our children earned a PhD in Education. She taught 4th and 5th graders. She was a hopeless liberal. Our daughter has an advanced Education degree and she teaches kindergarten, and she too is a hopeless liberal. She’s had a child out of wedlock and her child has had a child out of wedlock. My daughter is considered a genius. She believes in man-made global warming, even in the face of serious opposing evidence. The valedictorian at my daughter’s undergraduate ceremony spoke in glowing terms of the Teacher’s Union, Lenin and the CPUSA. My oldest son did not attend university. He learned his trade in Navy. He is wildly successful. He takes good care of his family and he is a conservative. You don’t have to be a genius to sort out my message.
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Minimum Wage Madness: Part II

Jacopone Wrote: Sep 17, 2013 3:18 PM
Black Caucus members are assembled in the pretext of helping their black constituents, but the reality is that they, as many others lefties, owe their allegiance to big-labor and deep pocket democRat financial contributors. All talk and no show. Wow. What a country
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Rand Paul in Favor of Felon Voting

Jacopone Wrote: Sep 16, 2013 6:34 PM
Voting should be for citizens in good standing. By definition, a felon is not someone in good standing. Is Rand Paul's constituency so shallow that he needs the felon vote to remain in office? Bugger. I want the Tea-party to organize as a political organization to give us new leadership.
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9/11: We Will Never Forget

Jacopone Wrote: Sep 11, 2013 4:19 PM
Never forget? What major (TV/Radio/Newsprint) media source has reminded us of Pearl Harbor since the Obama election? If I live beyond 100, I'll never forget the Obama presidency.
I am 79 y.o. and I became an NRA member at 10. NRA teaches gun safety. Rarely has anyone ever heard of a true NRA member misusing a weapon. As a child raised in Carlsbad, California it was ordinary to see boys and girls walking into the local hills and eucalyptus forest with 22-rifles. In all the time from my kindergarten through 12th grade, no one was injured by misuse of a firearm. Most often we perfected our shooting skills firing at paper targets. Sarah Silverman’s suggestion of a ‘Black NRA’ seems to mean open range firing at non-blacks by blacks. What else could it mean? Liberals have stirred up racial strife before with disastrous ends and always blaming others. What a country
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