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Every morning I rise and shout F**K Obama. It's good to clear one's lungs and sinuses. Try it, you'll feel better.
Neoreconstructionist you have earned a peanut for your defense of Obama. The peanut award refers to the monkey grasping a peanut through the bars of his cage and getting trapped. If only he had sense to open his grubby little fist he could get free. That seems to be the fate of many who slavishly see Obama as their spiritual and political savior. You are awarded an additional peanut for denying truth said about Obama of which you disagree on purely racial terms.
Together with foreign leaders, people in the USA who can read at or above a 5th grade level also don't trust Obama.
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Governors: 'Obamacare' here to stay

Jacopone Wrote: Feb 23, 2014 8:05 PM
'Obamacare' here to stay and Revolution II not far behind
Many Canadians remember the tainted blood acquired from Arkansas during the Clinton governorship that took more lives than all the death in Iraq and Afghanistan. While all other U.S. media quashed the story, only the NYT ever disclosed that horror, and only after Clinton was no longer president. Who knows what mischief he will cause as first-spouse if Hillary becomes president?
Hey, he might as well run for office. Given the performance of most democRat politicians, I'd cast a vote for the annual hot-dog eating contest winner over Obama.
Regardless of what government is saying, it's going to take years before decent people trust government's word of anything. With Obama's rise to power, one cannot trust what government says about the weather, so why would anyone trust what is said about foreign engagements and conflicts?
John, things that wag and hump your leg are not real people voters
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Solving Whose Problem?

Jacopone Wrote: Oct 25, 2013 3:49 PM
This article was posted four years ago, and it is clear those who didn't read it, or do not seek out such websites for such information, voted to re-elect Obama and his congressional cohorts. Tragically, very few of those who need to know what besets the nation ever find their way to this site. Instead they obtain information second-hand, word of mouth in their neighborhoods or union halls from people seeking their own political advantage. We're not domed, yet; but we are sure wounded.
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The Best Defense Your Money Can't Buy

Jacopone Wrote: Oct 16, 2013 1:41 PM
The government lawyers are behaving as vexatious litigants, and as such, the case should be thrown out.
"Young People Still Not Signing Up For ObamaCare." Yeah, and neither are old people. Most young people don't have the extra income to cover ObamaCare, and old people recognize that it is a scam to swallow the economy. When the Obama family's sole source of medical care is the same as any other citizen, then we'll all believe in global warming in December.
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