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Dean questions Walker's qualifications yet he supported a democrat candidate wgo flunked his way through school as a foreign exchange student. One of our most erudite presidents, Lincoln, did not have formal schooling, yet he was very well educated. As Sam Clemens (Mark Twain) said, "Don't confuse schooling with education." Clemens who did not have a proper education here was awarded an honorary doctorate of letters in Britain.
The voters in California overwhelmingly approved DOMA, and that vote was overturned by the court. So, what does it mean when media tells us that we really do approve gay marriage. Is this a Brian Williams truthoid?
Had one armed with a concealed carry permit weapon intervened to prevent Gabby Giffords from being attacked, would she have been grateful or resentful?
Why are military aircraft aloft unarmed? What's the point?
Hillary will be the first to make a victory lap on a broom
Wow! What an exaggerated number! We've seen this act before -- Obama demands an excess amount to deal with a perceived public measure resulting in a large share of the funds subsequently being siphoned off to his political constituents to underpin November campaign efforts. Wake Up, America!
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I'm Embarrassed to be White

Jacopone Wrote: Jul 02, 2014 9:11 PM
I am delighted to be white. I am delighted to have had decent parents who enabled me to get through k-12. My parents were school teachers before the AFT killed American education. I was raised in genteel poverty, My parents instilled in me the idea of being self sufficient, and as such I worked my way through university and graduate school. I have never been a government beggar. I am not rich, but I have a home for my family and I have always worked. When jobs were not available, I became self-employed selling whatever I could get my hands-on. I am a military veteran and I am white, and I am proud of my personal accomplishments. I cannot dribble a ball. I cannot dunk a basketball through the hoop, While those are skills I have not attained, I have skills most basketball players do not have. I am proud and I am white proud.
Nothing will happen if Obama disobeys the law on another Gitmo release. He broke the law the first time and nothing happened so he can rightly claim that congress gave its tacit approval. After all, what is breaking the law to Obama and a profligate congress?
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D-Day: 70 Years Ago Today

Jacopone Wrote: Jun 06, 2014 6:58 PM
Aren't we grateful that Obama was not president at anytime before or during WWII. With his hatred of the British, there would not have been 'Lend/Lease'. There would not have been an American general in charge of the allied D-Day operations. The staggering troop loss at Normandy might have persuaded him to surrender to Hitler, and apologize. Given his open hatred of Israel, he might have rounded up our Jews and handed them to the NAZI. We are so bless that the coward Obama was not commander-in-chief during WWII.
There was a time when actions as Obama has taken would be called 'dereliction of duty'. But of coursed O is 'black washed' and immune to such charges.
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