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What's next, debtor's prison?
On hearing someone threw something at Hillary I quickly denied doing it. Had I been close enough to throw something at her it would have been a brick.
Are republicans chasing their members from the polls early?
So naturally junior college and high school athletic programs will not be far behind. My California prep school, in a neighborhood where grass easily grows, just heavily invested in an artificial turf stadium. One arguments was savings on the water bill in a place that get ample rain. If you believe in global warming, then greater rain is coming causing grass to grow all around the new expensive fake grass field. Oh well.
How can Cruz be illegal if his mother retained her US Citizenship? Cruz was educated here as a local, not as an alien as did our president. Cruz's parents never made him a citizen of another nation. Cruz defends our American culture and not that of Islam. Cruz knows that we only have 50 states in the Union. There's much more, but why respond to an idiot.
Every morning I rise and shout F**K Obama. It's good to clear one's lungs and sinuses. Try it, you'll feel better.
Neoreconstructionist you have earned a peanut for your defense of Obama. The peanut award refers to the monkey grasping a peanut through the bars of his cage and getting trapped. If only he had sense to open his grubby little fist he could get free. That seems to be the fate of many who slavishly see Obama as their spiritual and political savior. You are awarded an additional peanut for denying truth said about Obama of which you disagree on purely racial terms.
Together with foreign leaders, people in the USA who can read at or above a 5th grade level also don't trust Obama.
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Governors: 'Obamacare' here to stay

Jacopone Wrote: Feb 23, 2014 8:05 PM
'Obamacare' here to stay and Revolution II not far behind
Many Canadians remember the tainted blood acquired from Arkansas during the Clinton governorship that took more lives than all the death in Iraq and Afghanistan. While all other U.S. media quashed the story, only the NYT ever disclosed that horror, and only after Clinton was no longer president. Who knows what mischief he will cause as first-spouse if Hillary becomes president?
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