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Republicans' Ace in the Hole: Simpson-Bowles?

JacobsTrouble Wrote: Dec 01, 2012 8:06 AM
Liberalism and common sense do not go hand in hand. Do you see a push for oil and natural gas lately? Or what you see is even more push for non-sensical green energy? Look around the world, given enough time liberalism will hang itself with incremental material and moral poverty. There are no winners when liberalism, progressivism, socialism or communism has played itself out - just debris.

Democrats appear to have the upper hand on the politics of the fiscal cliff, which might explain their brash pronouncements and mind-blowing conceptualization of "compromise."  This morning I outlined three possible contingencies for Republicans, none of which is especially attractive.  But is there a fourth way?  The GOP's dilemma is a doozy.  Their opponents, emboldened by the election, are pushing for counter-productive tax hikes on "the rich" -- a politically popular...