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NIH, like most other government agencies, is fraught with waste and foolishness. Just google "Golden Hookah awards NIH". The entire government is overdue for a spending cut: currently it costs us 38% of the GDP and that figure does not include the wealth transfers it performs from taxpayers to other individuals, corporations and nations in the form of entitlements and subsidies.
"the cold war's been over for 20 years" is going to remain a famous quote which reverberates of cockiness rendered by inaccurate knowledge of the geopolitical landscape.
I am not a libertarian, but a tea party conservative. May be I am hard on GOP. Here is my question to you: What is GOP replacement plan for ACA, or do you believe that our health insurance system is just fine?
The road to ObamaCare was paved by failure of GOP to reform health insurance when they could between 2001 - 2006. They could have introduced free market forces by: 1. enabling purchase across state lines 2. removing mandates like HIV, Chiro, Substance abuse to make policies cheaper for those with no such issues and 3. finally allowing tax deduction on premiums when paid by individuals just as the employers get tax breaks on premiums. Instead GOP incorrectly read into the fate HillaryCare as Americans want the status quo on health insurance landscape.
Are you referring to David Jolly's house race?
No it is more fundamental than religion. t has to do with redefinition of words to undermine its intrinsic meaning. Foe example, redefining college to also mean brothel. So when one says I need money to attend college means... If anyone can get married to anything or anyone, the development has rendered marriage meaningless.
If homosexuality is genetic or even natural then how do you explain ex-gays?
My comment is not about church. I am not worried about church. I used it in an analogy to explain redefinition of words.
Redefining marriage only succeeds in undermining it. It is like redefining churches to also mean brothels.
Christian and Democrat are two words that cannot be paired to define one individual. It is like saying a round cube. You must pick one or the other, not both.
Suppose you are deciding to hire one of two applicants who you gauged are worth $7/hr and $9/hr respectively. Both can do the work you are hiring for. You'd hire the $7/hr person, correct? But if the minimum wage mandates that you pay $10, who are you likely to hire? Of course you'd hire the one worth closest to what you pay. Consequently, the minimum wage law just cost the lesser skilled worker his job, correct? This is the evil of minimum wage and it will manifest this way as long as we do not get to a 100% employment. Again if we do get to 100% employment, the wages will rise without the minimum wage laws anyways. What makes this whole thing evil is that the politicians and the lobbies pushing for this law, know that it cycles to unemployment pool the folks who have not attained the skill to earn the minimum wage.
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