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This is straight out of dem playbook. Do it and then retract (or get tossed out). The damage is "achieved" anyways. Recall president's recess appointments to NLRB when the congress was not on recess (now pronounced unconstitutional). The damage is that Boeing was denied operations in South Carolina, just as the administration wanted.
Q: What percent of a democrat's 401K will consist of corporations that opted to pay higher taxes in US instead of outsourcing and/or relocating to increase their bottom line? A: 0.00%
Democratic senator calls for boycotting BK instead of working to even the tax burden on businesses? And, I thought democrats hated the concept of borders.
Failure to act on healthcare situation when GOP could, gave us ObamaCare. We must restructure IRS and EPA, get rid of department of Education, Energy and Agriculture at the first available opportunity or else these entities will be the agents of transforming our county into socialism/progressivism. At this time, their abuse of power is beyond the ability of the congress to rein in.
Life happens is a new excuse. Wait, they used that excuse for "lost" emails. For liberals there is no such thing us owning up to their bad decisions. It is all Bush's fault or it was that video...
I wonder why it is so difficult to fire this D.A. who is clearly in violation of laws one is supposed to be enforcing. Private corporations have fired employees for much less.
DA to earth: "...threatening to veto is not [an official action]..." . Grand jury has become a dog and pony show. The DA should step down (or be forced to step down). Here is someone else guilty of this very crime, abuse of power. "But let me be clear: If this Congress sends me a new sanctions bill now that threatens to derail these talks, I will veto it,"
Hope Gov. Perry is not a contender this time. He had the momentum until he opened his mouth. My eyes are on Scott Walker.
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Attacking Achievement

JacobsTrouble Wrote: Aug 12, 2014 7:35 AM
New Yorkers deserve what they brought on themselves. The problem is, they then flee to Florida and vote progressive all the while griping about how bad things are in New York city.
Unreal world view and incompetence is a dangerous cocktail. We lost more lives since implementing the cut and run policy than during these wars. Never mind the Nobel prize for World Peace is still decorating the White House.
War of choice, war of necessity; who cares. The bottom line is, we lost both under his able leadership.
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