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War of choice, war of necessity; who cares. The bottom line is, we lost both under his able leadership.
Private sector and the (unborn) tax payers once again to the rescue. Two entities the left loathes.
What about the pro Obama bumper stickers? Is that not discussion politics? If yes, then why was this soldier singled out?
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Western Anti-Semitism

JacobsTrouble Wrote: Aug 06, 2014 8:17 AM
"Western" is now interchangeable with liberalism and its doctrine of (perverted understanding) fairness. Devoid of any discernment, their precept bands them against the side that has what they deem to be an “unfair” advantage regardless of right or wrong. This is the doctrine that fuels all leftist issues. For example, occupy movement, slandering of disagreeing individuals, income equality, tax the rich, gender norming...
Their target is not coal but capitalism. You are absolutely correct. The democratic candidates are different only in degree of their application of anti-capitalist policies, not in their subscription to those policies.
The term "Income Equality" is a meaningless double-speak, implying somehow that the government should make it so that a surgeon takes home the same amount of income as a waiter. Again what gets taxed, is the future earning, not what is already earned. Higher tax rates therefore will not do away with the rich and the poor gap. The only thing it will bring about is waste, fraud and moral decay (the norm in the countries that adopted leftist principles)
This is not an immigration debate. This is a debate on whether or not the lawmakers should go along with what is illegal. The surprise is that there were four democrats who decided to take a stand for what is moral (a very rare distinction in that camp).
On one hand, it is the right thing to do, given the evil surrounding the state of Israel. On the other hand however it is not fair to the taxpayers of USA if this package is a gift and not a loan. This is not to imply that the government has otherwise been a good steward of the taxpayers' money.
I hang my head in shame at the folks who elect these politicians. But then they are right on track if the objective is rot, waste and fraud. Socialism has no track record of failing on that objective.
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