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If taxpayer subsidized colleges produce people like Prof Terry then certainly closing those down is beneficial for the nation in general and the taxpayers in particular.
The left is for individual choice only on the subject of abortion, nothing else. Try (individual) gun ownership or school choice.
Liberals, progressives, democrats: join her to celebrate sin. After all, with no moral compass your actions are relative to your personal feelings.
Progressive policies stem from unreal views of politics and economics. For example, the much touted foreign policy quip "...the 1980s are now calling to ask for their foreign policy back...". Exhibit #2 will be their failure to realize that "income inequality" is another name for "equal distribution of wealth". Shame on the 53% whose ignorance is biting us now.
There is something wrong with our tax code that it requires sophisticated software each year to determine whether the taxing agency owes the individual or the other way around. Then the government ends up with every minute details of the individuals life and activity for the year.
If one's employment is based on one's views, then it can go either way. If one can be refused employment because of one's support for the view that the marriage should be between one man and one woman then logically speaking, shouldn't holding a view different than this, also be a equally legitimate ground for refusing/terminating employments? Again, where does this end? Should one's employment be terminated because he holds to the liberal view points?
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Conservatives and Poverty

JacobsTrouble Wrote: Apr 04, 2014 11:34 PM
Love your neighbor with other neighbors' money? This view violates the zero covetousness doctrine. Now don't start the line "we are the government" because we are not. I don't think there is any individual in 100% aligned with his government as he is with himself.
They want the government to endorse and possibly subsidize.moral failures. It is obvious that their agenda trumps the lives of the mothers and the unborns.
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Big Day for Gun Rights in NY

JacobsTrouble Wrote: Apr 01, 2014 4:46 PM
A democratic people gets the kind of government it deserves!
These behaviors are based on a flawed worldview, opposite of that expressed by Reagan when he said “We are a Nation that has a Government, not the other way around.”
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