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congress cannot defund this action because it is the deportation proceedings that require money.
To avail this amnesty, a illegal immigrant family should have at least one child born here or were brought here. Plus, the applicants should have been here at least five years and a felony free background. It is an "executive" extension of the Dream Act. Again, prosecuting such cases do tear families apart because of the Dream Act boondoggle which prohibits the eligible children from being deported. And congress cannot defund this action because it is the deportations that require money.
I wish Michelle Malkin did not write like those spiteful left wing kook bloggers. Nobody will take her seriously if she continues to mix cliche like "uniter-in-chief" in her opinion columns.
Another deceitful speech to mean whatever one wants it to mean. It mentions "the rule of law" on one hand and "some are deeply disappointed and that is understandable" on the other. Ditto with the rose garden speech in the aftermath of Benghazi. In that speech he cleverly inserted Egypt to bring in the charge of "provocation from a slander video" and then a generic mention of "terrorism" for the purpose of CYA. Who knew that it would save the day for him at the debate with Mitt Romney. Unlike in Trayvon Martin case, he carefully avoided saying if he had a son, he would have looked like Michael Brown.
To me it translates to crucify, crucify....
I was not fooled for a moment that the protesters are seeking evidence based justice. DOJ has political agenda just like Duke lacrosse case had. That department needs serious restructuring.
Ridiculous as it may be, blurring of lines is central to liberalism. Slaves brought in against their will is not comparable illegal immigrants who broke our laws. This kind of amnesty is a slap on the face of legal immigration. The liberals are trying to blur the lines between legal and illegal immigrants and slaves.
Obama administration not only refuses to enforce the existing immigration laws but also actively prosecuted state of Arizona for taking part of the enforcement of these laws upon themselves. Then Obama says "Our immigration system is broken and that the GOP is not interested in resolving this issue". The timing of this is a suspect. Why did he not the new congress a chance to work on this? I guess the certifiably stupid dems are have a lot of faith that the next GOP president will have the morality not to make decisions without involving them (or perhaps, the dem voters don't know or care).
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The Net Neutrality Tax Hike

JacobsTrouble Wrote: Nov 15, 2014 8:31 AM
IMO FCC should be forced to rollback the re-classification after the general election so people won't elect another liberal. People made a serious mistake electing Obama, twice. They have the potential to repeat the mistake in 2016 because the promises of liberalism are way more enticing than anything GOP has to offer. Liberalism in action however leaves people worse off. GOP has been "pre-emptively rescuing" uninformed voters (and now certified stupid voters) from consequences of their stupidity. In the process of rescue, GOP goes uncredited and even vilified..
Yeah, I agree with Pelosi and Gruber. The folks who voted for the lawmakers who in turn voted for ACA, are certifiably stupid.
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