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Thanks, I was wondering why a fighter plane would "engage" unarmed. Thank you for your service.
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Gutfeld Kills Obama's ISIS Address

JacobsTrouble Wrote: Sep 12, 2014 7:33 AM
He is a nobel peace prize laureate, alongside Yasser Arafat, IPCC, Jimmy Carter et al. This institution has lost its credibility so much that I won't be surprised if Kim Jong-un is the next laureate.
The president is too much of an elite to eat his own poor choice of words like "war of choice", "JV team", "no boots on the ground"..., even if it means America remains vulnerable. Besides his administration has bigger fish to fry: Tea Party, Conservatives... And prioritize even tough calls: to fundraising and to golfing. God forgive those who voted for this.
Same soil but Israel made great progress whereas Palestinian leaders are busy building tunnels to send kids over to Israel as suicide bombers. The moral contrast is clear even to the liberals in the USA (they won't admit it in public): Israel's government uses missile defense to protect its civilians, and Palestinian leaders use their civilians to protect their missiles. Who was in repeat violation of the cease fires?
This is manifestation of hatred which made them opt for terrorists to represent them when they had a chance at democracy and liberty.
At least one cannot hound the dems for not having an "exit strategy". Besides, the president has to juggle the two utmost serious issues at hand: golfing and fundraising.
This is straight out of dem playbook. Do it and then retract (or get tossed out). The damage is "achieved" anyways. Recall president's recess appointments to NLRB when the congress was not on recess (now pronounced unconstitutional). The damage is that Boeing was denied operations in South Carolina, just as the administration wanted.
Q: What percent of a democrat's 401K will consist of corporations that opted to pay higher taxes in US instead of outsourcing and/or relocating to increase their bottom line? A: 0.00%
Democratic senator calls for boycotting BK instead of working to even the tax burden on businesses? And, I thought democrats hated the concept of borders.
Failure to act on healthcare situation when GOP could, gave us ObamaCare. We must restructure IRS and EPA, get rid of department of Education, Energy and Agriculture at the first available opportunity or else these entities will be the agents of transforming our county into socialism/progressivism. At this time, their abuse of power is beyond the ability of the congress to rein in.
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