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Video: And Now, a Word About Immigration Reform From Marco Rubio

jacobo Wrote: Apr 19, 2013 7:12 PM
I am very disappointed with Senator Rubio. Any path to amnesty without complete border security is crazy. So many loop-holes that no one will understand the bill, that's what the liberals do. Rubio has fallen into this pit. I as a mexican-american have never believed that catering to the undocumented would cause them to vote Republican. This will never happen. They come from a country that is poor and are happy to get federal handouts and will always vote for the government that gives them the most. Their way of life is in the liberal column and if we think that by catering to them we get their vote, we are sadly mistaken. We should cater to the latinos that were born here and who have worked and do have Conservative values.

We were told he'd be a chief spokesman -- if not the chief spokesman -- for the 'gang of eight' compromise, and so far he's living up to that billing.  In addition to making a (second) blitz on conservative talk radio, Rubio released a quick-and-dirty summary of the legislation on YouTube.  No frills, just a short, digestible, unscripted break-down of how the bill is designed.  Give it a quick watch, then scroll down for some analysis: