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McCain is the embarrassment. Any thing to slap the Republican party. Truly, it's about time that McCain go back to Arizona and change his affiliation to the Liberal Democratic Party where he would be more comfortable. What a Nut.
Bull show me the survey. Conducted by a liberal I assume and is skewed to the Max..
Pelosi has to be the dumbest person in the Congress. She can't speak fluently and does not make any sense. How in the world can this lady be a Congresswomen. Her district must have a bunch of idiots. She alone bring the congressional approval rating to six percent.
The RNC is not getting a dime from me as long as they are putting McCain as an influential person to raise money. The least like Senator, what gives?
My Grandson, upon hearing of Sheila Jackson's remark about the life of the constitution said, how can these dumb people get the offices that they hold. Cory Booker driving his car to Hawaii and Obama campaigning in 58 states? What is wrong with this country, he said.
It's not hard to understand the position of both Cornyn and McConnell. They are not and have never been true conservatives. They are afraid of Obama and do not have the guts to challenge him. They deserve to lose and I hope their challengers will succeed. We are tired of our representatives not listening to the people that put them in office.
What a joke. Someone is truly sick in suggesting that Joe S could be a Republican candidate. He is the most liberal Republican I have ever seen. He works for MSNBC, can't you get it. He is worse than Obama. Get real people.
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Will Jeb Bush Run in 2016?

jacobo Wrote: Jan 30, 2014 3:58 PM
I hope that Jeb Bush does not run for President. I think the American people and those in the Party are seeking newer faces. The Bushes, although I admired George W. and worked for his reelection, need to take a break. People are tired of dynasties and with his record as a liberal Republican, the wind is not to his back.
We are still spending like there is no tomorrow. I thought that Ryan was a conservative but like all Rhinos they cave in to the Liberals. Nice going Mr. Ryan, let the Democrats keep spending, its not your money. No, for 2016.
I, too, will not give the Republican party any money until they get rid of the Rinos in the party. I will give directly to the conservative candidates, only.
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