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Most of the time that TH uses 'Surprise' its sarcasm. This time, however...
Great idea, Draw! So, how do you feel about giving them an 'in-home demonstration'?
Look, there's a reason that Tea Party Republicans could vote for McConnell: Paul. I would wager than if Rand Paul ran for President, then McConnell would be in a political position to where he'd have to endorse Paul, giving a Tea Partier the backing of a establishment big wig.
I'd contest the part about high self-esteem. There's a difference between arrogance and healthy, high self-esteem. If you're arrogant, than you believe you're above the challenges that might be too difficult for what you're going into it doing. Simply having high self-esteem means you feel you can do something, if you're willing to put in the work. High self-esteem, if you ask me, contributes to initiative. Let me put it this way. When I was in elementary school, I felt like I was an idiot, and did poorly. My self-esteem improved once I got a bit of help. I was bullied in Junior High, and got As and Bs because I at least had self-esteem for academics, even though I was somewhat miserable in the learning enviornment. In high school, the faculty finally put their foot down, and I got straight As every semester. Honestly, we should switch out 'you can do anything', to 'you can do anything, if you're willing to put the time and effort into accomplishing it'.
I'm not entirely sure I want West to run. It's not that I don't believe he'd be a great candidate; any other election, I'd back him in a heartbeat. I certainly wouldn't rule out supporting him in the 2016 primary. It's that we have an excellent line up of top tier candidates already, like Walker and Paul, that I question if West joining in wouldn't be a waste of good talent. I'd much rather save him for a year like 2012, where we had candidates with good ideology (Cain and Bachmann) but none of them were particularly strong politically speaking.
I'm a big fan of irony. It would be hillarious.
My opinion of a good way to do the death penalty that isn't 'cruel and unusual punishment' is to get a machine like those that crush cars, maybe even stronger, and then use it on people who get the death penalty. It's relatively cheap, and if you do it right, you can kill them fast enough to where they don't feel it.
As far as Rubio goes, he wouldn't be my first choice for president. I'd much has a Walker, Paul, or Cruz administration. Still, he might be the sort of candidate that could be a 'compromise' of sorts with the Establishment (You have to admit it: whether you like or dislike Rubio, he's x1,000,000 better than another Romney or McCain).
During Democrat administrations, I sometimes wondering if 99% of reporters missed their calling in life as Softball Coaches. Then a Republican gets elected, and that tune changes.
This just in: Boehner made a competent decision. In other news, Hell has frozen over!
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