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Mike, Luddites were not anti-science per se. That's a left-wing trope. What Luddites were was early-day labor unionists who worked out of their cottages. The looms eliminated their jobs. So the Luddites tried to smash the looms to preserve their jobs.Yes, it was kind of "anti-science" but it was more about job retention.
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Almost Half of America on Welfare

JackWayne Wrote: Aug 25, 2014 11:20 AM
Mike, I think you are off by about 10% maybe more. I have never seen a break-down of the non-farm jobs that are truly in the private sector. With so many businesses funded fully or in part by the government, your employment numbers are hopelessly skewed. Find out the number of Americans who are paid a salary funded in no way by the government and you will discover why this recovery is the worst all time.
I read that paper on Ritholtz's site and found it to be rather funny. The main conclusion from the paer was all about the upside; there were no downsides listed. And the short story is: if a low-wage earner gets a higher minimum wage, they will have more money and they generally use it to go into debt buying a car. And that's why raising the minimum wage is a good idea: sell more cars. The insanity never stops does it?
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