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I still find it interesting that if a person murders a woman who happens to be pregnant at a minimal of 3 weeks that person is charged with the murder of both the woman and the unborn child. Therefore, if a mother allows her child to be violently aborted she should in essence be charged with murder! Folks, cannot have it both ways. Its either an unborn child/human life or an unborn ball of cells/un-human, it can't be human in one case and un-human in another case. The logic of the left baffles my mind.
This women is not a hero she is not pro-choice but anti-child and pro-death and it's pretty digusting that she being held up as a hero. Just shaking my head in about what this nation has become.
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Same-sex Marriage is War on Religion

JackieDEE Wrote: Jul 01, 2013 10:45 AM
Awesome and very true!
Yeah, I'm doubting a 30 years from now.
Proverbial victim teaching children to be proverbial victims. Just shaking my head. Takes no responsibility or accountability for their actions at all; this woman is an idiot.
It's a cover story to block the lavish vacations the Obamas are on you idiot. $100M versus $15K, you idiot.
I guess this narrative was put out there to cover the $100 million the Obamas are spending on their, once again, lavish vacation.
How do we get these people out?! Goodness gracious.
Are we surprised this is an administration that supports cannabalism.
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