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Scott Walker Can Relax

Jackie182 Wrote: Apr 12, 2012 11:07 AM
If Boortz is not right, the reverberations will be heard across this country as Unions once again flex their muscles and gain more power to overturn legally, constitutionally held elections. Recall should be deemed illegal unless extreme, illegal charges can be proven against the person being recalled. Otherwise we become what we nearly are, just another Banana Republic.


Well, I think he can relax.  Pretty sure, actually.  

Governor Scott Walker is facing a recall election in Wisconsin as a result of a pretty impressive union petition drive.  Unions aren’t happy about losing some of their collective bargaining rights and actually having to pony up almost as much as private sector workers for their health insurance.  Oh! The humanity!  But I’m going on record here (oh yeah, Boortz on the record; now THAT’S news) saying that Scott Walker will win, as will the people of Wisconsin.

You’re right in wanting a little analysis here...