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And i suppose that while in the throes of smoke inhaltion Stephens also managed to sodomize himself.
As soon as these paranoid females of the progressive variety quit worrying about what's happening between their legs, and concentrate on what's wrong with their heads, there should not be a female President allowed among them. All Margaret Thatcher, Golda Meir types are encouraged to apply. They were real women.
Pot is very dangerous to the developing brain, as in teens. That stoner should know as his teen brain must have been inundated with pot to produce such a defect as afflicts that man's ability to think, speak and reason.
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Jackie182 Wrote: Jan 17, 2014 4:39 PM
Lipstick on a toad.
Reid has definitely had one diagnosed stroke. Perhaps he has also suffered other "silent" strokes that have continued to punch more pinholes in his brain. He should not be allowed to run the Senate as it is obvious the man has likely dementia, and therefore a perfect stooge for Obama' wishes.
Udall will skate as no one in the media will hold him accountable. Just hold your nose and press on.
OMG The antichrist and the shrike! What's not to admire?
What a crock! The NYT will stoop as low as necessary to cover Hillary's ever expanding derriere as it tries to grease her path to 2016.
I suppose Fluke's comments about blood transfusions are a referral to Jehovah's Witnesses who do not believe in transfusions, and some have died for that belief. A surgeon's biggest nightmare is having to perform surgery on a JW. So far no JWs have turned up complaining about Obamacare. As for Ms Fluke and her ilk, the cheapest and most ready form of birth control is a pair of crossed legs. Try it, it works quite well.
Glenn Beck has been sounding the alarm about Common core for many months. High time others in the media are recognizing this dangerous curriculum for what it is, another technique for brainwashing our children.
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