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MSNBC Host Jumps the Shark, Tries to Make Colorado About Race

Jack Bandit Wrote: Jul 25, 2012 9:23 PM
Seeing your name (and in relation to the article), I thought you were just a drive by troll, until I saw how many comments you've posted. ...So, you literally have nothing else to do? Or did you just take a break from playing Skyrim and looking up hentai? Honestly, how hard up for human interaction do you have to be before you start spending an entire day fishing for internet arguments?

MSNBC's Toure is at it again. This time he has turned the tragedy in Colorado into, you guessed it, a debate about race. Toure accused supporters of the Second Amendment of wanting to ensure "white people" had access to guns while keeping "black criminals" from getting them. He also invoked the Trayvon Martin situation, which has nothing to do with what happened in Colorado last Friday. Here is what he said.

We never have this debate until we have a tragedy and then its over emotionalized, its over fraught [sic], you can't have a substantive debate...

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