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Katie ... If there are women in this country that still believe there is a war on women, then nothing anyone can do will help them. Oh, maybe a 50% off coupon for the nearest mental institution might help. But I doubt it. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness ... Nowhere on that list do I see Birth Control pills. Let's face it ... Some women are as dumb as some men.
Yeah, until those "white people" realized that 95% of the "plight of blacks" are self-imposed.
Patricia seems to have a real problem on the Hannity show last night. Perhaps it was the dangerous smoke that a burning bra caused back in the 70's and 80's. This dope from the NAGS is just as irrelevant as she was 30 years ago. How can women follow such lame-brained loons?
Honestly, how does this khunte, Pelosi, stay alive? Everyone knows an animal should be put to sleep when they become completely disoriented and useless.
Wow! The lib-turd media is making lib-turd women look pretty stupid! How long would it take to explain to these wharf rats that they have lost nothing. And by the way, why do taxpayers have to pay for these rodents to have sex? God knows they should cease immediately for fear of bringing another nut-job into the world. (ie: Colorado, Arizona, Connecticut, etc.) Honestly, are these women really that stupid?
Hey, Chuck-a-luck! Remember when you asked me to let you know when you were being a complete a**? Not to mention a virtual tool/fool? Well, I'm reminding you. And by the way, Chucky boy ... How about shaving off that California chow path you've been calling a beard? You realize what it looks like?
If the Redskins lose the fight and have to change names, I suggest the "Washington Fukarwees".
By God I believe I found a Bigfoot! I didn't realize they were so ugly up close ...
Beckel should have his words, literally shoved down that fat gullet of his. FOX keeps this decrepit piece of sewage simply to "rile up the conservatives". I fear that it's going much farther than FOX had anticipated. I suspect that someone will soon find out that they have had just about enough of Beckel's ignorant rants and his caustic personality and decides to do something about him. ---- One can only dream.
If I were a member of a union and lived in Florida I would keep my mouth shut about anything to do with a "union". Mr. Cooper makes a potentially fatal mistake of thinking he's "up north" where people have been brainwashed over unions and their typically illegal activities. Beware, Mr. Cooper, you are in Florida which is also a part of Duck Dynasty territory. I only live about an hour from Eglin AFB in case you'd like to "get together" for a cup of coffee. I'd love to tell you personally just how much I despise unions and their illiterate members.
No No! I already disliked this incompetent boob, Obama, over five years ago! This latest venture of "How to break Fed rules and get away with it", struck a new high of personal disgust, dislike and total ridicule of this empty suit scumbag that is Obama. Please don't try to tell me that my utter disgust for this big-eared Dumbo Obama is because of this low life deserter. I've hated this sorry SOB Obama from day frickin' one. The deserter will get what he deserves. I just hope you do too, Odumbo.
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