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Absolutely, wildeagleone! (Golf clap!)
No, rebbandchemo, that is YOUR brainless side of the family. I bet holidays together with your family is like a petting zoo ... And probably just as perverted.
The idiots that voted for this twit were all enamored with the empty-suited Kenyan reject who had promised everyone everything. The stupid voters decided to crawl out of bed and make their way forward to cast their ballot ... Believe me a ballot that was all about themselves. Patty Murray is dumber than a rotted fence post and damn sure as ugly. I swear she looks a lot like Moe, on the 3 Stooges with white hair, instead of black. Washington State voters, you must temporarily put down the bongs and start thinking about the welfare of your own state, not to mention the country. If not, then the joke that Patty Murray has created about you, the voter will continue.
Pardon me, but we already know why Bill "wee-willie-wa*ker" Clinton showed up in Kentucky. Hey wee-willie, show her that tattoo or birthmark that you showed the woman in Arkansas.
This d**che has hurt himself in this little tactic the democrat thugs talked him in to doing. Had he decided not to run as an independent, he probably would have been a shoo-in 2020. Now, he's liable to be "The moron that sabotaged the Senate race", never to hold public office. It's simply going to make it closer than it should have been as Kansas voters will not be tricked by this chicanery brought on by DEMOCRATS.
If we can't even afford to go to the grocery store on a regular basis, what would make anyone think we're going to go out to eat? Food prices need to be investigated. Since Obama has been Cowardly in Chief, no attention has been paid to simple things like "price fixing" in the grocery business as well as many other retail businesses. Do we trust Wall St. to do what's right? Yeah, about as far as we can throw them.
The union of a pri*k and an a-h*le has finally been made. And they call it a "Leonardo" What a ridiculous little man.
Thank you, Michelle Fields! You're a great breath of fresh air. Kennedy, on the other hand, brought his family stench with him and as usual, acted like an a**.
Looks like we might need to start rummaging around to see if we can find the keys to the once used detention centers during WWII. It might have been a bit "un-neighborly" to those that were required to stay there, but until things were "settled", none of them committed any crimes or acted as a "long wolf". That's just the way wars are fought. We can do the same "political correctness" later, just like we did before.
I'm hoping that the citizens of North Carolina are smarter than the Harry Reid money thinks they are. To leave Hagan in office will be a tremendous black eye on the state. Voters need to remember just what has gone on the past 6 years and how much it's cost them. Once the coal industry is shut down, those indigent workers out of a job will be in NC looking for anything they can get. Today's minimum wage job will look like a gold mine to many living in the area in the near future. (Very near future).
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Poll: Brown, Shaheen Dead Even in NH

Jack_Reacher Wrote: Sep 15, 2014 5:04 PM
Unfortunately you may be right. With the criminal Eric Holder teamed up with the criminal Obama and the rest of the democrat toadies, there will be massive voter fraud across the nation without any real fear of prosecution. The only thing we can do is man the voting precincts and challenge those that we believe to be voting fraudulently. Challenged voters must document their information.
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