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TAAAAA-WATT ALERT ... Another Holly-weird type trying to overcome that lack of a high school diploma. Loved ya, you old hag, about 40 years ago! Go away!
This dbag is the primary reason I watch none of espn2 programming. I saw him on there a while back and automatically stopped watching and continue to do so. Espn, we have enough baII-sack lint on TV these days. We don't need the king of baII-sack lint.
Rep. Ellison, he will surely be the LAST.
Sorry, but we obviously wanted to trade those Islamic terrorist, savage scumbags for a rotten, no-good deserter. I think Obama felt much more comfortable getting someone back that he felt would be stupid enough to promote his agenda.
Good question, dtaylor888 ... Obviously democrats don't get tired of running the rejects for office.
If Florida elected this skunk Schultz, I can almost guarantee you that the state would quickly be cut in half. It would become North and South Florida. Republicans already have to tolerate the worst U. S. Senator in recent memory with Bill Nelson, who has his head so far up Obama's a** they have to pipe him sunshine and fresh air. Keep in mind: North Floridians do not like nor trust democrats for any reason.
I know what would be next. Put these savage beasts in college. When they graduate we give them jobs... You know, the jobs no one wants to do here in America ... Like teach exotic dancers how to use the pole, or how about a job as whiskey taster for Jack Daniels... ? Again, jobs no one would want to do here. Next would be the cream of the crop ... WELFARE! The only good thing will be that at least when ISIS kills us, we can say we were killed by savage beasts with a college education. Harpo, you need to see the guy in the boiler room ... NOW.
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Divest UC of USA or Vice Versa?

Jack_Reacher Wrote: Feb 15, 2015 9:12 AM
Poor little UC morons. Maybe they need a hug from daddy? (Or worse). California: The land of fruits and nuts
Who cares what that fat piece of a rotting scrotum says? FOX keeps him merely to remind liberal democrats how silly they look. I had hoped that the guy that fatso had challenged to a knife fight might show up and gut porky. But alas, the "fat lady is still singing". Next, I hope that whale-belly will lose his dentures during one of his "fiery" rants one day. What a laugh that will provide.
IMPEACHMENT is the only cure for this presidential idiot, Obama. He's been given every opportunity to do the right thing yet he continues to lie, dodge or flat ignore every issue that comes up. He is a KNOWN liar and will continue to keep lying at the risk of God knows how many people over the course of the next 2 years. He should be impeached immediately. Yes, I'm aware that Joe Biden would become president. So? How much worse could that be? A couple shots of Thorazine would take care of those issues.
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