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Poll: Brown, Shaheen Dead Even in NH

Jack_Reacher Wrote: Sep 15, 2014 5:04 PM
Unfortunately you may be right. With the criminal Eric Holder teamed up with the criminal Obama and the rest of the democrat toadies, there will be massive voter fraud across the nation without any real fear of prosecution. The only thing we can do is man the voting precincts and challenge those that we believe to be voting fraudulently. Challenged voters must document their information.
They, (the democrats), have completely run out of answers to the complete stupidity and asinine activities by the weakest president in history, (even surpassing that old favorite, Peanut Boy!) Obama would actually improve his standing in this country if he simply resigned ... TODAY. At least something good could then be said for this totally incompetent nincompoop, Obama. WE TOLD YOU HE WAS AN EMPTY SUIT ...
Rev. Al ... 1-800-ABC-DEFG ... CALL NOW! Stop acting the fool and start trying to pull yourself out of your slide into absolute obscurity! Please, Rev. Al, the fans of MSNBC, (all 10 of them), will miss you if you have to leave because of your utter incompetence and ignorance! And besides all of that, the rest of us won't have you around to laugh at your moronic activities on TV!
Does ANYONE on this planet think that Obama is going to do anything worthy to his radical Islamic dogs? Right now, Obama and his band of lying, democrat toadies are trying to parse the word, "WAR". Oh, and now I find out that Obama says that the radical Islamist extremest are NOT Muslims? Well they damn sure ain't Baptist! What are they, Obama? Are they from your tribe?
Bill, for God's sake get a grip on yourself. This tired, old rhetoric you're espousing clearly shows that you haven't got the sense God gave a toad. Now it's time to pay the piper for Obama and the rest of the democrat parties lawlessness as well as uselessness.
It occurs because people previously in the workforce "drop out" of the workforce. Once that occurs they do not show up as a "person looking for work". Neat numbers trick for a lousy economy being run by a lousy SOB of a president.
What if the blood was AIDS contaminated? ... No problem, it's time this country received a d**che. Here's a good place to start.
Debbie W. Schultz ... A face that only a blind man could somehow love. Debbie is once again spreading her hate-filled rhetoric since that is what she was told to say. Obviously this woman is incapable of a two-way conversation. So, Debbie W. Schultz ... Here's to you and that skanky, coyote-pelt hair-do of yours. I still get nauseous when I see your face.
Just make sure we have plenty of maps for ISIS members of the following: How to get to the White House How to get to New York City How to get to San Francisco Simple courtesies, wouldn't you say?
Knowing liberals and their lack of morality, I would say they're more than likely to be standing in line for their chance to "sample the wild side".
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