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Who knows ... Maybe Chicago voters are finally waking up to the absolute "sexual attack" they have been putting up with for decades from Chicago politicians? Nahhhh, this bunch just doesn't like honky politicians.
I see ignorance is still part of the GOP process to get beaten in the next election. Romney is perfect for this country. What a disgusting post, Rod the Rancher. And just who are you supporting?
I don't think you want to go there, Foxfire ... Actually, Israel doesn't need nukes to whip this yard trash, Hamas. Oh, and where are all the citizens of Israel going to go if the nukes are used? The entire area would be unlivable.
TO: Obama the Most Ignorant FROM: A TAXPAYER While you're off gallivanting around on the taxpayer's dime, would you care to comment on "Islam, the Religion of Peace". You remember kissing their butts when you took office, right? What about now? I think, as President, you should arrange to meet with these ISIS fighters, face to face. Give them your old pep talk... When can we expect you to leave?
Good point, Smitty!
I assure you sir, it would be right after the gunfight.
Well ... OK. Make the gun laws more and more stringent. I suppose a loss of a lot of Massachusetts liberals over the next few years won't be so bad. Wake up Massachusetts ... Gun owners are NOT your problem. Politicians are.
You would think that this old shrew would have replaced that coyote pelt she wears on top of her head.
Just be sure and count all the silverware, the china and the TV's... Especially the TV's because where EBama is going they have a tendency to go after TV's ... Riots, extortion, theft, breaking and entering, burglary and armed robbery ... The TV's always get the worst end of the deal. Oh, and be sure to inventory the liquor cabinet. We know who we're dealing with.
That will be the fuse that sets off the war between the states and Washington DC. And I mean a shooting war.
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