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These anti-Israel nut-jobs can say what they want ... But what they say is based on their being racist. Their anger comes from their staunch dislike/hatred of Israel and its people ... And why are most Israel haters liberals? I do hope Jewish voters here in the States remember this come election time.
I have some friends in Arkansas that, for the most part, are not very political. I asked them all what the feeling was in Arkansas toward Pryor. 7 of the 7 people I asked, (at different times), were absolutely against Pryor. They also mentioned that their friends were now anti-Pryor based simply on the lie that Pryor told Arkansas residents. A message repeated by King Obama over and over ... "If you like your policy ... " I just hope they are right and that Arkansas residents are not going to look like fools if Pryor should be re-elected. After all, Pryor's vote for Obamacare WAS THE KEY VOTE. Regardless; The votes must be guarded like solid gold. Every illegal trick in the book will be tried by the democrats.
Nothing embarrasses a liberal ... Take a look at Pelosi.
Well, one thing's for sure ... As long as your skin is NOT white, things are looking pretty good for you. Guam, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands ... Imagine if that were reversed ...
Is that all these half-wits know is "We need more money!" OK, but first a few mandatory suggestions: 1. 25% salary cut from the top down 2. Any union membership is ended immediately 3. Screw up? You're gone
And it is coming to the point where the "Shoot to kill" warnings must go up. Someone has to step up and meaningfully convince these people that the US is completely serious about border security and law enforcement. (Of course the STK warning will not include children ... yet.)
Poor Chewbacca, she's upset because Chic Filet refuses to carry pig knuckles, fat-back, and some other "delicacies" she remembers from home.
Washington, DC should be on our first bombing run. Not to do damage to the city, but to nuke the nerds in this video. It was clear that allowing gays into the military is having the expected negative effects. If you have to ask what part of that video I referred to, then you didn't watch it. Also, don't forget that 99% of the residents of Washington, DC are dependent on their livelihood from the "DC political swamp". Finally, speaking of leeches, did everyone hear that sucking sound during the video? Oh well, how in the world people can get so stupid has always baffled me.
Katie ... If there are women in this country that still believe there is a war on women, then nothing anyone can do will help them. Oh, maybe a 50% off coupon for the nearest mental institution might help. But I doubt it. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness ... Nowhere on that list do I see Birth Control pills. Let's face it ... Some women are as dumb as some men.
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