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Add Jay Leno to the moron list. I'm going to need more paper to keep track of them all. And by the way, no one "shut Jay up". He bowed to the pressure of those saintly "New York types", that wouldn't know their butts from San Francisco.
Mary! Don't you realize that good meat is well-aged? With lots of fat marbling that will increase the taste! You're ridiculously close to a full grown hog! From the looks of your jowls, you're ready ... Bon' A petite"
How could this lying sack of Siberian Sheep S**t "steal something" from someone that he says "He doesn't know" ??? Obama - The Quintessential Pathological Liar ...
Wow Hollywood "B" Listers! That's mighty blanco of you!
Yeah, and look where that got you lib-tards. Now Bush is being revered as a great president when compared to Buckwheat Obama.
It's no surprise. There are only two blacks in America that can say they caused the race relations of the past 40 years to be torn completely apart. Obama and that dishonest Attorney General, Eric Holder have caused this huge rift that may never be repaired. OK, let the chips fall in Ferguson. We're ready.
Now will CBS News make a mention of the Gruber comments? It appears that CBS has mentioned the Gruber incident ONCE. Yeah, that's the Lame-Stream Media for ya.
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Candy Crowley Self-Destructs

Jack_Reacher Wrote: Nov 10, 2014 3:42 PM
Wow! Candy is slimming down! Looks like she's lost a couple of ounces! And it's all krap inside this ignorant woman.
The days of Obamacare and the careers of such A-wholes, such as Jonathan "Goober" Gruber are numbered. Oh I'd love to meet that lib-turd on a walk in the park.
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