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It's very comforting to see someone in NATO that has a pair of balls the size of a mid-sized pickup truck. That would most certainly eliminate our own Pres. Obama, who's new motto is, "FEETS, DON'T FAIL ME NOW!",
Koch Oil Co. was a competitor of mine for years in the business of supplying gasoline and diesel. I was very well acquainted with some of their sales representatives. They were all high quality individuals with great integrity. I learned that this was the type of individual the Koch Bros. hired. Now what could possibly be a reason for me doubt anything about these two businessmen?
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Brandeis Bows to Islamic Censorship

Jack_Reacher Wrote: Apr 11, 2014 11:40 AM
At least these heathens are some place other than in the "normal" part of this country, caged up at least for a few years, like any other beast or feral animal, (like pigs). Muslims continue to endorse the seedy, low-class side of their cult religion and what they will reap will be far from what they wanted or expected. Moving the outhouse closer to the house will soon make the shorter trips seem not at all worth the effort. Go home, Muslims.
Well one thing is for sure. That $55,000 wasn't for any cosmetic changes. Maybe she tried to buy herself some dignity and truthfulness? Not for sale, Typhoid Mary. The only way Mary will be re-elected is if she walks into Harry Reid's office and does what millions of Americans would love to happen to Reid.
Trey Gowdy ... A true man of the people. Then, you have the other side, but I'm not sure you can call many of them "people". More like a nasty boil on one's a$$. Thank you, Congressman Gowdy ... You have once again brought dignity upon the Congress of the US!
For you Hispanics listening to all the promises being made to you by democrats regarding your well being, I have one comment for you. For years, if not decades, blacks have supported democrats in the elections. They have been promised everything under the sun. Great high paying jobs, lots of opportunities, etc. And if you really are not the working type, blacks have been promised BY DEMOCRATS that if they "vote for democrats", they really won't have to work and simply collect welfare. Democrats have promised blacks everything possible. Now ask blacks what the democrats have actually done for them. Compare the poverty most blacks live in, with no jobs, no hope for jobs, no money, and obviously not a damn bit smarter to the "promises" the democrats make. Make your vote count, Hispanics or else you could end up "getting" something from the democrats that you don't want.
With all that Botox, I couldn't tell if it was Lois Lerner or Mickey Roarke. I hope they put this witch in the slammer with a 200 lb transsexual names Fifi.
I'll make it simple ... Anyone committing voter fraud will be found guilty and HUNG FROM A TREE. Then there will be a trial. I would suggest that, like target-marketing, my suggestion is similar.
Who cares what this human tampon has to say? As it stands, I get the dry heaves when I either see or hear from this grotesque woman (?)
Madam, sometimes the shoe fits ... Perfectly
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