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Thanks, Larry, for the ray of hope. I can't wait to see it happen. It will only be if the GOP wins the Senate and retains the House that these things can occur. Make no mistake, if the GOP wins and then goes back to the same old "business as usual", along with the political practices of doing nothing, let me assure every politician out there ... HEADS WILL ROLL, literally. This country is completely fed up with liars and incompetents. Trust me ...
A temporary joke on Gov. Scott. But if that lying Charley Christ is elected it will be a full term of Obama, which will ultimately lead to a joke lasting an entire term. How in God's name could anyone vote for Christ? I don't get too involved in state politics, but Christ is a lying, back stabbing, Obama loving lunatic that should have been banned from returning to Florida.
I could not tell if Udall was lying or not! But then I did notice his lips were moving. Case closed.
If Colorado should elect another lib-turd democrat, then it will make way for end times for the formerly great state of Colorado. Not the "High Times" they hoped for. Colorado needs to put a lot more bleach in the gene pool and set some giant "roach" traps.
Gannet sux ballz. Pure liberal claptrap. Pulling down a video on a really, really stupid woman that is trying to sc**w her way to the Senate. Oh yes and she's another SLEAZY democrat. Have you democrats no shame??
I'm shocked ... Another stupid stunt by a black guy. Must have been Mr. Clown's first flight.
It is sad, Mr. Attorney General, that a highly educated man like yourself must stand up and declare that his "people" are way too stupid to be able to get an ID. Mr. AG, that must be terribly embarrassing to you to have to acknowledge that blacks are so incompetent to simply go to the local DMV and get an ID. You have my sympathy, Mr. Holder, but when I think about it, you must not be very bright yourself. Good luck with your future trials! Better hire a good attorney. (Whites attorneys allowed?).
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Bill Maher vs. Chris Hayes

Jack_Reacher Wrote: Oct 08, 2014 11:00 AM
It's funny how these liberal democrats have literally tried to run Christians out of this country over the past 30 years. They, the liberals, have denigrated everything religious and meaningful to the Christian religion. They have taken prayer out of schools leaving them to become nests of heathens. They have filed lawsuits galore to keep anything religious, (Christianity, off any property that TAXPAYERS OWN. But turn this around and compare all the freedoms in the world are offered to Muslims here in the United States. Most of it continues to be the money that is buying up this country in the form of buying politicians. Hell, our own FBI and Justice Department refuse to investigate any terrorist attack, justifying such ridiculous behavior as being "work place violence". Wake up, America. Care to defend the United States, Affleck? You traitorous bas*ard.
And once again, Michigan proves to not only be almost surrounded by a giant lake, but completely surrounded by idiot voters. You would think that after Detroit went belly up voters in Michigan would FINALLY GET IT... But no, it looks like just the opposite. Michigan voters have not got a clue. Must be the union thieves.
It is impossible to grasp the changes that the FBI has gone through over the years. At one time they had my utmost respect. As politics continued to corrupt the duties of the FBI, it was as if we had old J. Edgar back again when the FBI was irreparably corrupt. Any American fighting with and for ISIS should be allowed back in the United States ... TO BE SHOT ON SIGHT.
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