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American Crossroads: Remember When Obama Said No to Negativity?

Jack630 Wrote: Jun 04, 2012 5:54 PM
Obama got everything he wanted with super majorities in the House and Senate and look where it has left us. The Republicans are doing what the voters asked: Stop everything Obama proposes to limit the damage. The rest of the trash will be taken out in November and the adults will be back in charge.

Remember when President Obama promised to bring the country together? Ah yes, Obama, the great uniter who didn't believe in a red America or a blue America, just the United States of America. Those days are long gone, that is if they were ever here in the first place and American Crossroads just released a new ad to prove it.

David Limbaugh is also out with a new book today called The Great Destroyer, which details Obama's divide and conquer strategy throughout his first term.