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I guess you just can't get a bigger sleazeball than this Gruber guy.
I think the beginning of impeachment proceedings would be a good first step. Of course, maybe the first step should be to get rid of Boehner.
Well, Boehner, looks like it's finally time for you to put on your big boy pants and do something for the country.
Is he still around? Hasn't he been indicted yet?
Well, we certainly don't want the liberal state raising our children - didn't they try that in Germany once?
I can only imagine what the folks in Israel call Obama.
Do the polls take into account the voting fraud that will occur as the Dems get more and more desperate?
Looks like Obama is still refusing to acknowledge the benefits of a quarantine when battling an epidemic. He also appears to be refusing to protect this country - I wonder who is pulling his strings?
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Good News: Obama Appoints Ebola Czar

Jack3626 Wrote: Oct 17, 2014 12:23 PM
Did anyone else have a good gut laugh when they read that the new Ebola Czar would report directly to Susan Rice? What kind of organizational structure is that? I guess she's going to be in charge of the spin (aka lies).
Seems like this disease is spread by ignorance in Africa and by arrogant indifference in the US.
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