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It's amazing how the traitors in our government consistently side with foreign interests and set our Border Patrol agents up for failure. What's more amazing is that they appear to think that the agents should ignore violent attempts on their lives while performing their duties.
It's somehow unfair, but then again necessary to pick on mentally challenged and delusional people like the Wasserman thing. If she wasn't such a vile and hateful liar you might actually feel sorry for her.
Chris Matthews would be a dangerous purveyor of misinformation and propaganda, but fortunately very few bother to watch him and many of those think he's nuts.
Kerry appears to be one of the most delusional blowhards we've ever had as Secretary of State?
I'm embarrassed for my country and ashamed that people elected such an incompetent leader as Obama and that he, in turn, appointed such equally incompetent people as Hillary Clinton and John Kerry.
Looks like most of the comments so far are for a different article than the one above that I just read. It's about the failures of the Obama administration and not the Bush administration or any Republican efforts. I guess reading for comprehension is lost on the liberal trolls.
It's so sad when they start losing their minds while still in office.
We can only hope that impeachment proceeding begin immediately after his speech.
What kind of medication do you need to take before watching MSNBC?
No, like his dad, he looks like someone with severe mental problems.
Someone should remind Boehner that he also took an oath and also has a responsibility to get off his thumbs once in a while.
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