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Didn't Hillary lose some files once?
Hillary's new campaign slogan: "Whatever"
He rewrites the law, he refuses to enforce the law and sometimes he just plain ignores the law - nobody does anything about it. We are no longer a nation of laws - we're a nation of criminal politicians.
Duh, because they traded him for the 5 terrorists and he had no choice in the matter.
Looks like the biased AP is now trying to gain sympathy for a known deserter.
When does Congress start impeachment proceeding or are they waiting for a military coup?
Never forget that Obama, in the role of Commander in Chief, held a ceremony at the White House to honor this deserter and his traitorous father. He insulted all who served honorably.
I'm hoping Obama's "environmental legacy" will be a prison term for what he's done to this country and what he's planning to do.
Has anyone who served in our military ever heard many good comments about the effectiveness or efficiency of the VA? The problems at this mismanaged agency have reached the boiling point under Obama and we're tired of the inaction, indifference and arrogance.
Does anyone have any level of confidence that they will get to the bottom of anything other than the cesspool they all swim in? They are in coverup mode - they will only look for ways to hide the truth while finding those few lackeys to throw under the bus.
Our government has become dysfunctional and Congress is now unable to perform its duties or act in accordance with our Constitution.
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