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It was mandatory to sign up - this wasn't done willingly in most cases. Why does he keep lying about everything? Doesn't he realize that we see right through his con? Maybe he just doesn't care.
There will be a campaign ad about her and a little girl who needed an operation - it should be more than enough to keep her out of office.
Like Jesse Jackson so eloquently said: "Stay out the Bushes". I don't want Jeb Bush to ever again hold public office if this is his view on the invasion of our country by foreign nationals intent upon destroying our society.
Gee, just like all the fake voters the Dems use to win elections.
Their hypocrisy knows no bounds.
What did Hillary have to say? Oh, that's right, she doesn't recall.
His arrogance, incompetence, bigotry and pettiness will forever be remembered. He will go down in history as the most embarrassing disgrace to ever hold the office of US President.
Raising the price of something (employees) causes people (employers in this case) to buy less. This liberal distraction of demanding increases to the minimum wage is the new Voodoo Economics.
After watching Matthews and his rabid dog routine a few times it was quite clear that he was a useless source of information and his commentary was horrendously biased due to his obvious mental problems. I continue to be amazed at apparent death with of MSNBC.
How long do they get away with the lies and the violations before Congress takes action?
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