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If she's so unpopular then why did the Dems votes her back into a leadership position?
I hope Gruber enjoys his new notoriety. He will be forever linked to the biggest fraud in US history and his name will be a punchline for years to come.
The AP has been spewing propaganda for the liberal Democrats for years. It is no longer a trusted news source. At least they still display their byline so I can discount what's been written.
We've seen video of your lips moving and the words coming out - was that faked?
Lying is what they do - they no longer think it's wrong.
Why is there this constant need to over analyze the reactions of the victims of this fraud and somehow give the perpetrators a pass for their crimes?
Gruber was right in saying that too many people in this country are too stupid to understand the scope of this fraud and will be easily swayed by any new media campaigns by the Democrats. Sadly, the tipping point has been reached and maybe you just can't fix stupid.
McCain is too old for the job.
I guess you just can't get a bigger sleazeball than this Gruber guy.
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