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Looks like Barry has a list of all the things we don't want done to our country and he's checking them off one by one.
"The report, which contains information that was previously classified, is expected to be nearly 500 pages long and was put together by Democrats without any Republican input." Looks like we'll know exactly who to blame if US citizens are harmed by this.
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Romney Insider: Mitt's Running...

Jack3626 Wrote: Dec 07, 2014 11:52 AM
This time let's get behind him and quit the bickering.
I hope she hangs on for at least a couple of more years so a real President can name her replacement.
I hope more and more people are realizing that Romney was the right choice and still is.
He lies and then he blatantly lies about those lies. This is clearly either criminal or psychotic behavior - most likely both. He has demonstrated that he is unfit for office - Congress needs to act.
If she's so unpopular then why did the Dems votes her back into a leadership position?
I hope Gruber enjoys his new notoriety. He will be forever linked to the biggest fraud in US history and his name will be a punchline for years to come.
The AP has been spewing propaganda for the liberal Democrats for years. It is no longer a trusted news source. At least they still display their byline so I can discount what's been written.
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