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Who Is Really for Election Reform?

Jack2894 Wrote: Jan 08, 2013 11:11 AM
I would be OK with a week. But I see no reason it couldn't be a month. There is no inherent reason why voting must take place on one particular day. Photo ID is completely unnecessary to insuring that people vote only once. When you go to the polling place and vote, that is noted. You can't come back and vote again, whether you have photo ID or not. Conservatives took a huge hit by playing the photo ID card, and they will take another one if they try it again. I can agree with tightening up absentee voting, but your limit is too stringent. My son votes in Michigan but goes to school in New Jersey.

A top priority of Democrats nationwide is to try to expand early voting even beyond the more than 40-plus million votes that were cast on days other than Election Day in 2012 or by mail. The present system balkanizes and deprives our nation of the unifying value of one nation on Election Day.

The Democrats know that their massive use of early voting was a major factor that enabled them to pile up the winning votes to reelect Barack Obama. Obama enthusiastically supports early voting; he urged 10,000 fans at his campaign speech in Urbandale, Iowa to vote right now...