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War on Capitalism

Jack2894 Wrote: Dec 06, 2012 11:30 AM
Well, I can think of a few policies that would move us along. First, we should never consider corporations as people. I would support public financing of elections or, at a minimum, ending corporate political contributions entirely and limitng individual political contributions. I would tax profits from the sale of stock at least as much as earned income, and dividends a bit less. I would re-install Glass-Steagall. But as a first step I would stop promoting the fallacy that corporations and employers give a rip about their employees.

As each day goes by in the fiscal cliff debate, President Obama becomes stronger among the masses that view this as a fight between very rich guys against little guys barely making ends meet. Beyond the publicly fighting over tax policy, there is a battle waging in an area that businesses cherish most of all - the bottom line. It's all about greed and the notion of how much money is enough.

There is a growing consensus that profits should max out at some point and anything beyond that point is greed - the kind that hurts Americans.

I don't buy...

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